Functional Job Description

Functional Job Description,

What is The Meaning of Functional Job Description?

A written document that contains detailed information about the physical needs of a particular job. The job description must include specific steps to measure physical demands and classify each job as content.

Literal Meanings of Functional Job Description


Meanings of Functional:
  1. Specific tasks, goals or tasks related to or with which something works or works.

  2. Designed to be practical and useful, not attractive.

  3. Work or work

  4. Regarding the number of variables, their value depends on one or more other variables.

Sentences of Functional
  1. He assumed that the apartment would be functional and convenient

  2. The museum will be fully operational at the opening of the festival

  3. With active pointers, we can write where l money transaction is requested

Synonyms of Functional

working, in service, usable, functioning, utilitarian, practical, utility, workaday, serviceable, useful, in use, effective, in working order


Meanings of Job:
  1. Position for permanent work.

  2. An assignment or job, specifically paid.

  3. someting special.

  4. Work from time to time.

  5. As a broker, you buy and sell shares, especially on a small scale.

  6. To deceive, to deceive.

  7. Turn public positions or funds into private assets.

  8. Sting or sting.

Sentences of Job
  1. part time job

  2. He wanted to be alone to get a job

  3. Worked as a waitress until her first film role

Synonyms of Job

place, post, day job, position, situation, placement, piece of work, posting, assignment, task, appointment, position of employment, project


Meanings of Description:
  1. Oral or written exhibitions or statements of a person, object or event.

  2. The type, type or class of person or thing.

Sentences of Description
  1. Who sees can give an idea

  2. All kinds of boats

Synonyms of Description

order, make, ilk, illustration, breed, kind, interpretation, brand, account, kidney, species, genus, genre, sort, category, class, character, elucidation, variety, designation, stamp, mould, style, explanation, type, grain, representation, specification