Functional decomposition

Functional decomposition,

Definition of Functional decomposition:

  1. Breakdown of a list of items into classifications or groups on the basis of the function each item performs or is used for.

  2. Functional decomposition is a method of analysis that dissects a complex process in order to examine its individual elements. A function, in this context, is a task in a larger process whereby decomposition breaks down that process into smaller, easier to comprehend units.

  3. In business, functional decomposition is used to facilitate the understanding and management of large and complex processes. Functional decomposition helps solve problems and aids in the development of business operations, computer programming, machine learning, and a variety of other fields.

How to use Functional decomposition in a sentence?

  1. Functional decomposition breaks down a large, complex process into an array of smaller, simpler units or tasks, fostering better understanding of the overall process.
  2. Functional decomposition is a problem-solving tool used in several contexts, from business and industry to computer programming and AI.
  3. A functional decomposition diagram contains the whole function or project along with all of the necessary sub-tasks needed to complete it.

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