Functional analysis

Functional analysis,

Definition of Functional analysis:

  1. Decision making approach in which a problem is broken down into its component functions (accounting, marketing, manufacturing, etc.). These functions are further divided into sub-functions and sub-sub functions ... until the function level suitable for solving the problem is reached.

  2. The branch of mathematics concerned with the study of mathematical analysis in the setting of (typically infinite-dimensional) vector spaces (especially function spaces).

How to use Functional analysis in a sentence?

  1. Steven used functional analysis to solve the problem with his motorcycles engine: first, he checked the spark plug, then he checked the air filter, and finally, after eliminating other sources of the problem, he realized that the problem was with the fuel injector.
  2. Our functional analysis told us to keep moving forward as we were and to keep our heads from falling ow at the thought of shutting down.
  3. You need to know what the functional analysis for a product is and find a way to maximize what you can from it.

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