Full Retirement Age

Full Retirement Age,

How Do You Define Full Retirement Age?

  1. Full Retirement Age can be defined as, When you start earning, you will get maximum social security income in old age.

Literal Meanings of Full Retirement Age


Meanings of Full:
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Sentences of Full
  1. A container full of garbage

  2. Enter your full name below

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Meanings of Retirement:
  1. The act or process of completing work and interrupting a job.

  2. Removing the jury from the courtroom to decide the case.

  3. Separation.

Sentences of Retirement
  1. A man who is about to retire

  2. The sheriffs of each district will provide space for the retired jury to inspect the appropriate furniture, fuel, lamps and office supplies, unless the Earl provides them.

  3. I live in retired Miami

Synonyms of Retirement

giving up work, stopping working, stopping work, seclusion, retreat, solitude, loneliness, isolation, privacy, obscurity


Meanings of Age:
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Sentences of Age
  1. Fatigue that we feel with age

Synonyms of Age

number of years, lifetime, duration, length of life, era, epoch, period, time, aeon, span