Full coverage auto insurance with no downpayment

The payment, which you pay in the initial stages of buying an expensive vehicle or a service. sometimes it’s not refundable if the deal falls through because of the purchaser, but many of the times, the purchaser adjusts it to cover the remaining amount owed to the seller.

Cost Monthly Lump-sum
Down payment $125 $747
Monthly premium (x5) $129 $0
Total cost $772 $747
Savings $0 $25

This policy covers a 30- year-old male driving a 2010 Toyota Camry in Florida.
You can clearly see the difference if you chose to pay for the full six months at once instead of making monthly payments:

Full coverage auto insurance

Full coverage insurance means you have the coverage for your personal vehicle .it’s a combo of collision coverage, comprehensive coverage insurance, and liability coverage

Can I get cheap full coverage auto insurance with no downpayment?

Many companies consider it as a mandatory and important part, to deposit the required amount before purchasing your insurance coverage.but, yes! There are also some companies which require no deposit at all for your auto insurance and you can get easily low cost full coverage insurance

Downpayment is no doubt to start with your insurance policy, if you have enough amount and wants to protect your car in the best ways, there is no downpayment option with cheap and full coverage.so feel free and safe to start a policy with no downpayment.

How can I get cheap full coverage auto insurance with no downpayment.

1.First method is to shop around extensively,

2.Secondly you can also get price quotes from the insurance companies or through the insurance companies’ websites.

3.Connect to an independent insurance agent.
As independent agent works with many companies, they can recommend you the best companies and can help you with comparison shop.

4.Visit national association of insurance commissioners(NAIC)
It’s consumer information search tool that helps you search for a specific insurer.

Pros and Cons of no Downpayment.


The most pleasing thing about it is that you do not need to pay the full premium upfront. Instead, you pay a small amount monthly.this has another advantage that you can renew coverage or find another auto insurance policy.


When you choose to pay your premium upfront for 6 or 12 months, you get a discount offer by the insurance companies.so with no downpayment you let go of that discount.


As the longer the policy is locked in, the greater is the discount the carrier is supposed to give.

When considering no downpayment many insurance companies check your credit score and history and if you have a bad credit check or low score then your car insurance rates will be higher.


as the insurance industry is becoming very competitive day by day and is always in a struggle to grow more business and customers.if this kind of situation arises then, check with other auto insurance companies.

Frequently asked questions.

1.who can buy car insurance with no money down.

Owners of newer, more expensive cars may not find low down payment insurance, because of their vehicles present increased risk to their insurer.also drivers with a poor credit history, or those who are required to file an SR-22, will be required to pay more of their total premium up front. and, if your car is older and less expensive to insure, your insurance provider might offer a zero down payment option.

2.How no downpayment auto insurance really works

In this you have two options to pay your money by two methods:either in monthly installments or in lump sum to cover whole year or six month.paying upfront means your are making downpayment.and if you choose to pay on monthly basis then your are making no downpayment insurance

3.Who can get no downpayment insurance.

Not all can get no down payment insurance very easily. If you find an insurance company with no downpaymwnt insurance, you will need to meet a series of criteria,because companies will only sell no money down car insurance to people with a clean driving record and a good credit score.also they
give preference to drivers who have an older car that is cheap to insure. Drivers who are considered risky to insure, either because of their accident history, vehicle type or financial situation, have a difficult time getting no down payment insurance.and where do you live also matters alot.

4.states which offers no downpayment insurance

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • Washington

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Downpayment can be a good option for you to purchase an auto insurance policy.there are also many companies which offer you with the option of downpayment, as some companies consider it mandatory and important part of your policy.it’s easy to get and find