Fujita Scale

Fujita Scale,

Fujita Scale:

  • A storm rating scale based primarily on structural and tree damage. Meteorologists and engineers often classify Fujita on an official scale when conducting a thorough study of wind and ground damage. The scales range from F0 (minor damage in winds below 73 mph) to F4 (severe damage in winds from 207 to 260 mph).

Literal Meanings of Fujita Scale


Meanings of Scale:
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  5. Fast and agile

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Sentences of Scale
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Synonyms of Scale

proportion, series, spectrum, spread, clamber up, go up, dimensions, mount, order, pair of scales, measuring system, scope, reach, shin, calibration, degree, breadth, scramble up, sequence, go over, relative size, register, balance, size, pecking order, graduated system, succession, sweep, system of measurement