Definition of Fuel:

  1. Substance consumed, oxidized, or otherwise changed in the process of releasing heat energy.

  2. Material such as coal, gas, or oil that is burned to produce heat or power.

  3. Cause (a fire) to burn more intensely.

  4. Supply or power (an industrial plant, vehicle, or machine) with fuel.

Synonyms of Fuel

Power, Charge, Fire, Stoke up, Supply with fuel, Ammunition, Bunker, Cater, Charge, Coal, Combustible, Detonate, Encourage, Encouragement, Exacerbate, Excite, Exhaust, Explode, Feed, Fill up, Food, Forage, Fossil fuel, Fuel up, Fulminate, Gas, Gas up, Incite, Incitement, Inflame, Jet propulsion, Kindling, Liquid oxygen, Nourish, Nourishment, Nuclear fuel, Nutriment, Nutrition, Oil, Propellant, Propulsion charge, Provender, Provision, Provocation, Provoke, Purvey, Reaction propulsion, Refuel, Rocket propulsion, Sell, Stimulate, Stimulus, Stoke, Sustain, Sustenance, Thrust, Tinder, Top off, Victual, Power source, Heat source, Combustible, Propellant

How to use Fuel in a sentence?

  1. The plan includes a hydroelectric plant to fuel a paper factory.
  2. Gasoline may have been used to fuel the fire.
  3. One aircraft ran out of fuel and had to ditch.

Meaning of Fuel & Fuel Definition