FTSE Europe (ex UK) Index*

FTSE Europe (ex UK) Index*,

What Does FTSE Europe (ex UK) Index* Mean?

FTSE is one of Europe's former UK Index Index lists designed to help European investors compare their international investments. The index is broadly composed of stocks (43%) and medium cap stocks (57%), covering 20 emerging markets and secondary emerging markets in Europe in addition to the UK.

Literal Meanings of FTSE Europe (ex UK) Index*


Meanings of FTSE:
  1. The figures (published by the Financial Times newspaper) show the relative prices of stocks on the London Stock Exchange (specifically the FTSE 100 Index) based on the UK's 100 largest state-owned companies.


Meanings of Europe:
  1. A continent of the northern hemisphere is separated from Africa by the Mediterranean and Asia Sea to the south by the Bosphorus, the Caucasus and the Urals. About 10% of the world's population lives in Europe. It covers the western part of the continent, forming the eastern (and largest) part of Asia, and includes the British Isles, Iceland, and the Mediterranean Islands. Its recent history is marked by the past colonial and economic hegemony of European countries, the rise of the European Union under prosperous democracy in Western Europe, and the collapse of the Soviet Union with significant changes in central and central power. Eastern Europe. Europe


Meanings of Ex:
  1. (Goods) are sold directly.

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Meanings of UK:
  1. Great Britain.

  2. Uttarakhand


Meanings of Index:
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Sentences of Index
  1. A clear reference completed by a clear index

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Synonyms of Index

indicator, sign, guide, needle, signal, token, evidence, mark, pointer, hand, marker, indication, implication, lead, clue, intimation, symptom, suggestion, finger, hint