Definition of Fruition:

  1. The state or action of producing fruit.

  2. The act of making something real or complete; finished and accomplished. Our months of work finally came to fruition yesterday when the project was completed..

  3. The point at which a plan or project is realized.

Synonyms of Fruition

Accomplished fact, Accomplishment, Achievement, Actualization, Amusement, Animal pleasure, Attainment, Bearing, Bodily pleasure, Carnal delight, Carrying out, Comfort, Completion, Consummation, Content, Contentment, Coziness, Creature comforts, Delectation, Delight, Discharge, Dispatch, Ease, Effectuation, Endpleasure, Enjoyment, Entertainment, Euphoria, Execution, Fait accompli, Forepleasure, Fructification, Fruiting, Fulfillment, Fun, Gratification, Great satisfaction, Gusto, Hearty enjoyment, Implementation, Intellectual pleasure, Joie de vivre, Joy, Joyance, Keen pleasure, Kicks, Luxury, Materialization, Maturation, Maturity, Mission accomplished, Perfection, Performance, Physical pleasure, Pleasure, Production, Quiet pleasure, Realization, Relish, Ripeness, Satisfaction, Self-gratification, Self-indulgence, Sensual pleasure, Sensuous pleasure, Sexual pleasure, Success, Sweetness of life, Titillation, Voluptuousness, Well-being, Yielding, Zest

How to use Fruition in a sentence?

  1. The plans have come to fruition sooner than expected.

Meaning of Fruition & Fruition Definition