Definition of Front:

  1. Articulate (a vowel sound) with the tongue further forward.

  2. Provide (something) with a front or facing of a particular type or material.

  3. The foremost line or part of an armed force; the furthest position that an army has reached and where the enemy is or may be engaged.

  4. Of or at the front.

  5. (of a building or piece of land) have the front facing or directed toward.

  6. Act as a front or cover for someone or something acting illegally or wishing to conceal something.

  7. Section or side of a building or land that faces a main road and usually has the main entrance, or opens out to an open space such as a beach, corridor, or courtyard.

  8. The side or part of an object that presents itself to view or that is normally seen or used first; the most forward part of something.

  9. Place (a sentence element) at the beginning of a sentence instead of in its usual position, typically for emphasis or as a feature of some dialects, as in horrible it was.

  10. (of a vowel sound) formed by raising the tongue, excluding the blade and tip, toward the hard palate.

  11. A persons face or forehead.

  12. Organization created or person serving to conceal the true activity and/or identity of person(s) in control.

  13. Boldness and confidence of manner.

  14. Lead or be the most prominent member in (an organization, activity, or group of musicians).

  15. Used to summon someone to the front or to command them to assume a forward-facing position, as in calling a bellhop to the front desk or giving orders to troops on parade.

  16. Stand face to face with; confront.

  17. An appearance or form of behavior assumed by a person to conceal their genuine feelings.

  18. Line of intersection, or the transition zone, between two air masses of different temperature and/or humidity.

Synonyms of Front

Forepart, Fore, Foremost part, Anterior, Forefront, Nose, Head, Appearance, Look, Expression, Face, Manner, Air, Countenance, Demeanour, Bearing, Posture, Pose, Mien, Aspect, Exterior, Veneer, Show, Outward show, False display, Act, Pretence, Affectation, Overlook, Look on to, Look out on, Look out over, Look towards, Face, Face towards, Lie opposite, Lie opposite to, Lead, Head, Front, Be the driving force behind, CAT, Charlie McCarthy, DMZ, Accented, Aceldama, Act for, Acting, Advance, Advance guard, Aerospace, Aerosphere, Affectation, Affectedness, Affront, Agent, Ahead, Air, Air hole, Air mass, Air pocket, Airhead, Airs, Airs and graces, Airspace, Alibi, Alveolar, Antecede, Anteposition, Anterior, Anticyclone, Apical, Apico-alveolar, Apico-dental, Apology, Apparent character, Appearance, Appearances, Articulated, Artificiality, Aspect, Assimilated, Attitudinizing, Avant-garde, Back, Banter, Barytone, Battle line, Battle site, Battlefield, Battleground, Beachhead, Beard, Bearing, Before, Beginning, Bell the cat, Bid defiance, Bilabial, Bite the bullet, Blind, Bloc, Bluff, Bluffing, Border, Brave, Brazen, Brazen out, Breast, Bridgehead, Bring before, Bring forward, Bring up, Broad, Brow, Bump, Bump heads, Cacuminal, Call out, Candid, Ceiling, Central, Cerebral, Challenge, Cheating, Checked, Chief, Circumference, Cloak, Close, Coalition, Cold front, Cold sector, Color, Coloring, Combat area, Combat zone, Come before, Come first, Communist front, Complain, Complain loudly, Confront, Confront with, Connection, Consonant, Consonantal, Contend, Contend with, Continuant, Contrapose, Contraposit, Contrast, Cortex, Countenance, Counteract, Cover, Cover story, Cover-up, Covering, Creature, Crosswind, Crust, Cyclone, Dare, Deception, Defy, Delusion, Demeanor, Dental, Deputy, Device, Direct, Disguise, Display, Dispute, Dissemblance, Dissembling, Dissent, Dissimilated, Dissimulation, Dorsal, Double-dare, Dummy, Effrontery, Empty space, Encounter, Enemy line, Envelope, Envisage, Epidermis, Excuse, Expression, Exterior, Exteriors, External, External appearance, Externals, Facade, Face, Face down, Face out, Face the music, Face up, Face up to, Face upon, Face with, Facet, Facing, Faction, Fakery, Faking, False air, False front, False show, Falsity, Farthest outpost, Favorable wind, Feigned belief, Feigning, Feint, Field, Field of battle, Field of blood, Figurehead, Firing line, First, First line, Flat, Fog, Fore, Forefront, Foregoing, Forehand, Foremost, Forthright, Forward, Four-flushing, Frank, Fraud, Fringe, Front for, Front line, Front man, Front on, Front rank, Front-runner, Frontage, Frontal, Gaudiness, Gilt, Give upon, Glide, Gloss, Glossal, Glottal, Go ahead of, Go before, Go in advance, Go-between, Grass-roots movement, Ground swell, Group, Guise, Guttural, Handle, Hard, Haughtiness, Have priority, Head, Head the table, Head up, Head wind, Heading, Headmost, Heavy, High, High-pressure area, Hole, Honest, Humbug, Humbuggery, Hypocrisy, Image, Imposture, In advance, In front, In the forefront, In the lead, Insincerity, Integument, Interagent, Interceder, Intercessor, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intermediate agent, Intermediator, Intermedium, Internuncio, Intervener, Interventionist, Interventor, Intonated, Ionosphere, Isobar, Isometric, Isometric line, Isopiestic line, Isotherm, Isothermal line, Jetstream, Kick against, Kick off, Killing ground, Labial, Labiodental, Labiovelar, Lame excuse, Landing beach, Lateral, Lax, Lay before, Lay figure, Le pas, Lead, Lead off, Leading, League, Lie opposite, Light, Line, Line of battle, Lineaments, Lingual, Liquid, Locus standi, Look, Look out upon, Look over, Look toward, Low, Low-pressure area, Maiden, Main, Make a stand, Mannerism, Mask, Masquerade, Match, Mediator, Medium, Meet, Meet boldly, Meet head-on, Meet squarely, Mere externals, Mere show, Meretriciousness, Mid, Middleman, Mien, Monophthongal, Mouthpiece, Movement, Muted, Narrow, Nasal, Nasalized, Negotiant, Negotiator, Negotiatress, Negotiatrix, Nominal head, Object, Obverse, Occluded front, Occlusive, Offer resistance, Ombudsman, Open, Oppose, Organization, Ostensible motive, Ostent, Ostentation, Outdare, Outer face, Outer layer, Outer side, Outer skin, Outface, Outguard, Outline, Outpost, Outrank, Outside, Outward appearance, Outward show, Overcast, Overconfidence, Overlook, Oxytone, Palatal, Palatalized, Party, Periphery, Pharyngeal, Pharyngealized, Phonemic, Phonetic, Phonic, Pioneer, Pitch, Pitched, Place before, Playacting, Pocket, Point, Polar front, Polarize, Political front, Poor excuse, Popular front, Pose, Pose against, Posing, Posttonic, Posture, Precede, Precedence, Preceding, Precursor, Premier, Present to, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Primary, Prime, Principal, Priority, Protest, Protestation, Prunes and prisms, Public image, Public motive, Puppet, Put in opposition, Put it to, Put-off, Put-on, Putting on airs, Railhead, Rank, Rate, Recalcitrate, Refuge, Reluct, Remonstrate, Replace, Represent, Representation, Retroflex, Revolt, Rind, Roughness, Rounded, Run the gauntlet, Scout, Scream defiance, Screen, Seat of war, Seeming, Semblance, Semivowel, Set at defiance, Set before, Sham, Shambles, Shell, Show, Show fight, Simulacrum, Simulation, Skin, Smoke screen, Soft, Sonant, Soup, Space, Speak out, Speak up, Spearhead, Speciousness, Spokesman, Spokeswoman, Squall line, Stalking-horse, Stand, Stand at bay, Stand first, Stand opposed, Stand opposite, Stand up against, Stand up to, Stare down, Stationary front, Stem, Stooge, Stopped, Straightforward, Stratagem, Stratosphere, Stressed, Strive against, Strong, Stylishness, Substitute for, Substratosphere, Subtend, Subterfuge, Superficiality, Superficies, Superstratum, Surd, Surface, Surface appearance, Surface show, Syllabic, Tail wind, Take precedence, Tense, The front, The lead, Theater, Theater of operations, Theater of war, Thick, Throaty, To the fore, Tonal, Tonic, Top, Trick, Tropopause, Troposphere, Trough, Turbulence, Twangy, Unaccented, Unnaturalness, Unrounded, Unstressed, Usher in, Vain show, Van, Vanguard, Varnish, Veil, Velar, Venture, Visibility, Visibility zero, Vocalic, Vocoid, Voiced, Voiceless, Vowel, Vowellike, Warm front, Weak, Weather map, Wide, Wind-shift line, Window dressing, Wing, Winning, Withstand, Zone of communications, Front line, Vanguard, Van, First line, Firing line, Battlefield, Battleground, Field of battle, Combat zone, Self-confidence, Boldness, Forwardness, Audacity, Audaciousness, Temerity, Brazenness, Presumption, Presumptuousness, At the front, Foremost

How to use Front in a sentence?

  1. The houses that front Beacon Street.
  2. Hes got a bit of talent and a lot of front.
  3. His regiment was immediately sent to the front.
  4. He fronted for them in illegal property deals.
  5. The front cover of the magazine.
  6. A page at the front of the book had been torn out.
  7. A metal box fronted by an alloy panel.
  8. She put on a brave front.
  9. The quoted event can be a linguistic utterance; moreover, as this example shows, the quoted element can be fronted.
  10. The group is fronted by two girl singers.
  11. All speakers use raised and fronted variants more in spontaneous speech.

Meaning of Front & Front Definition