Front matter

Front matter,

Definition of Front matter:

  1. Pages of a book that precede the first page of the text, and may include the half title, frontspiece (illustration usually facing the first page or title page), title page, dedication, table of contents, acknowledgements (or list of contributors), list of illustrations, and list of tables. Front matter is usually printed last to allow for final adjustments, and is often numbered in Roman numerals instead of Arabic numerals used for the main text.

  2. The pages, such as the title page and preface, that precede the main text of a book.

Synonyms of Front matter

Acknowledgments, Anteriority, Article, Avant-propos, Back, Back matter, Bastard title, Bibliography, Bold front, Book, Brave face, Brave front, Breakthrough, Catch line, Catchword, Chapter, Clause, Colophon, Contents, Contents page, Copyright page, Dedication, Display, Endleaf, Endpaper, Endsheet, Errata, Exordium, Facade, Face, Facet, Facia, Fascicle, Flyleaf, Folio, Fore, Fore edge, Forefront, Foreground, Forehand, Foreland, Forepart, Forequarter, Foreside, Foreword, Front, Front elevation, Front man, Front page, Front view, Frontage, Frontal, Frontier, Frontispiece, Gathering, Half-title page, Head, Heading, Imprint, Index, Innovation, Inscription, Introduction, Lap, Leaf, Leap, Makeup, Number, Obverse, Overture, Page, Paragraph, Passage, Phrase, Postulate, Preamble, Preface, Prefix, Prefixture, Preliminaries, Preliminary, Prelude, Premise, Presupposition, Priority, Proem, Prolegomena, Prolegomenon, Prolepsis, Prologue, Proscenium, Protasis, Recto, Reverso, Running title, Section, Sentence, Sheet, Signature, Subtitle, Table of contents, Tail, Text, Title, Title page, Trim size, Type page, Verse, Verso, Voluntary, Window dressing

How to use Front matter in a sentence?

  1. Many of Gardiners stories had already appeared in magazines, including The New Yorker, but I could find no reference in the front matter of Trevors book indicating that any of these tales had appeared elsewhere first.

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