Definition of Frivolous:

  1. Not having any serious purpose or value.

  2. Without factual or legal basis, insincere or involving abuse of the judicial process.

Synonyms of Frivolous

Flippant, Glib, Waggish, Joking, Jokey, Light-hearted, Facetious, Fatuous, Inane, Shallow, Superficial, Senseless, Thoughtless, Ill-considered, Non-serious, Aimless, Airy, Amorphous, Asinine, Birdbrained, Birdwitted, Brainless, Buxom, Capricious, Casual, Catchpenny, Childish, Desultory, Disarticulated, Discontinuous, Disjunct, Disordered, Dispersed, Disproportionate, Dizzy, Empty, Empty-headed, Erratic, Fatuous, Featherbrained, Featherheaded, Fitful, Flighty, Flimsy, Flip, Flippant, Fluffy, Fluttery, Foolish, Formless, Fribble, Fribbling, Frothy, Futile, Gaga, Giddy, Giddy-brained, Giddy-headed, Giddy-pated, Giddy-witted, Gleeful, Gratuitous, Haphazard, Harebrain, Harebrained, Hilarious, Hit-or-miss, Idle, Immethodical, Inane, Inchoate, Incoherent, Inconsequential, Indiscriminate, Insignificant, Irregular, Irresponsible, Jocular, Jocund, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Laughter-loving, Light, Meaningless, Merry, Minor, Mirth-loving, Mirthful, Misshapen, Niggling, Nonsymmetrical, Nonsystematic, Nonuniform, Nugacious, Nugatory, Orderless, Otiose, Paltry, Peripheral, Petty, Planless, Playful, Promiscuous, Puerile, Random, Rattlebrained, Rattleheaded, Rattlepated, Rejoicing, Risible, Scatterbrained, Scramblebrained, Senseless, Shallow, Shallow-headed, Shallow-minded, Shallow-pated, Shallow-witted, Shapeless, Shatterbrained, Silly, Slender, Slight, Small-time, Spasmodic, Sporadic, Straggling, Straggly, Superficial, Systemless, Thoughtless, Trifling, Trite, Trivial, Two-bit, Twopenny, Unarranged, Unclassified, Undirected, Ungraded, Unimportant, Unjoined, Unmethodical, Unordered, Unorganized, Unprofound, Unsorted, Unsymmetrical, Unsystematic, Ununiform, Vacuous, Vague, Vain, Vapid, Volatile, Wandering, Windy, Witless, Worthless

How to use Frivolous in a sentence?

  1. Rules to stop frivolous lawsuits.

Meaning of Frivolous & Frivolous Definition