Frivolous Position

Frivolous Position,

What is Frivolous Position?

A tax situation that is deliberate and malicious and clearly inadequate.

Literal Meanings of Frivolous Position


Meanings of Frivolous:
  1. Without serious purpose or value.

Sentences of Frivolous
  1. Waste ribbons and lace ruffles

Synonyms of Frivolous

insubstantial, paltry, minor, fatuous, glib, worthless, lightweight, frothy, inane, facetious, petty, waggish, senseless, valueless, thoughtless, impractical, frolicsome, peripheral, insignificant, trifling, niggling, trivial, shallow, jocose


Meanings of Position:
  1. The place where someone or something is or is kept.

  2. The special way in which someone or something is kept or organized.

  3. The situation, especially since it affects the ability to act.

  4. A person's attitude or attitude towards something.

  5. To what extent did investors, brokers or speculators enter the market by buying or selling securities?

  6. An established or endorsed proposition of a principle or statement.

  7. Insert or fix (someone or something) in a specific place or shape.

Sentences of Position
  1. An emergency call announced the plane's position.

  2. lie down

  3. Serious financial situation of the company

  4. Merchants protect short positions.

  5. He took out a chair and placed it between them.

Synonyms of Position

locus, way of thinking, condition, placement, outlook, angle, setting, set of circumstances, attitude, plonk, locality, area, thoughts, lay, array, situate, slant, station, policy, state of affairs, deploy, stand, possie