Fringe benefit

Fringe benefit,

Definition of Fringe benefit:

  1. Human resource management: Compensation in addition to direct wages or salaries, such as company car, house allowance, medical insurance, paid holidays, pension schemes, subsidized meals. Some fringe benefits are regarded part of a taxable income.

How to use Fringe benefit in a sentence?

  1. Before I got the job, I wanted to see if I was eligible for a fringe benefit because that was very important to me.
  2. While most sales people are paid on commission versus a straight salary, the fringe benefit s are often attractive factors in choosing to take a position that does not offer a guaranteed monthly income.
  3. I was fortunate enough to receive a fringe benefit . My company was surely gratified with all the hard work I have been doing.

Meaning of Fringe benefit & Fringe benefit Definition

Fringe Benefit,

What Does Fringe Benefit Mean?

For example, benefits paid to employees in addition to salary. B. Company car, pension fund, paid leave etc.

Fringe Benefit means, Extraordinary benefits are the compensation paid by your employer in addition to your meager salary. The contribution amount is usually taxable. Examples of additional benefits: employee discounts, stock options, services, transportation, access to facilities, group life insurance, compensation, etc.

Literal Meanings of Fringe Benefit


Meanings of Fringe:
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Sentences of Fringe
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Synonyms of Fringe

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Meanings of Benefit:
  1. Public performances or other entertainment for which the purpose of the product is a special charity.

  2. Make a profit.

Sentences of Benefit
  1. Social support

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Synonyms of Benefit

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