Frigo Americain Sans Arrivée D Eau

Frigo Americain Sans Arrivée D Eau

Do American refrigerators operate without a water connection? 3

I bought an American LG refrigerator. I did not see because I did not remember the details of the arrival of water. Can I ■■■■■■■■■■ her for a few weeks without water? Won't there be a problem later? thank you all !

Yes you can hack but it is not recommended because crushed ice / ice and fresh water systems do not work and this can cause problems. Try to hack, otherwise your device will not last long.

If you want fresh water and ice, your American refrigerator should be connected to the water intake.

In most American refrigerators, incoming water is used only to suck ice cubes and fresh water.

This is a safe way to clean your refrigerator.

Your refrigerator doesn't use ice cubes or cold water, that's all.

Note that it is very easy to draw water from the cooler and the diameter of the hose is 3 to 7 mm, in some cases the hose is flexible and made of plastic.

Hello, no worries, the food cooling is done by your brother on the left side, on the other hand, on the ice side of the water inflow level, if there is none you can still keep one ۔ Keep a water bottle and turn on the faucet while waiting for plumbing.

Hello, I advise you just like hormones.

Not recommended for the lifetime of the device.

But you can still cut it.

For better advice, visit LG's website or ask your dealer.

Yes, because there are water tank models (removable or not), very impractical, but it can solve the plumbing problem) ...

Not a priority, but we don't have to stand cold water.

Frigo Americain Sans Arrivée D Eau