Friendly Scps

Friendly Scps

What are the best SCPs?

SCP2295 is cute. SCP131, SCP529, and SCP530 are also good thin SCPs. SCP2091 is quite interesting.

With that in mind, what is the most user-friendly SCP?

I think Bes and 507 are the best SCPs. SCP1440 had no grudge towards the foundations, SCP2800 gets along well with them, and the half cat I don't remember is actually a pet.

Do you even know which is the best SCP?

Description: SCP682Cu is the cutest frozen lizard we have ever seen. They appear to be enjoying themselves and have been observed by SCP079 during their limited friendship period.

Do you also know which are the best SCPs?

While I can probably find out more, these are my 10 current SCP wiki favorites.
  • SCP106: The old man.
  • SCP682: Reptile difficult to destroy.
  • SCP1782: Tabula Rasa.
  • SCP096: The shy man.
  • SCP1756: In the movies.
  • SCP978: Polaroid Camera.
  • SCP173: The sculpture.

Which SCP is God?Further information can be found in Appendix 3740.2. Description: SCP3740 is a Class VIII reality-changing humanoid device believed to be Ashur, the Assyrian-Babylonian sky god and leader of the Assyrian pantheon of gods.

Are there any funny SCPs?

SCP2295 is cute. SCP131, SCP529, and SCP530 are also good thin SCPs. SCP2091 is quite interesting.

Which SCP is the most dangerous?


Which SCPs are Safe?

The following is a list of the five highest rated safe items on the page: SCP914. SCP1981. SCP999. SCP1733. SCP5000. SCP085. SCP993. SCP507.

Is SCP 999 bad?

SCP999. During the event, players were changed from SCP939 to Evil SCP999, also known as SCP999. In addition to changing the model to an orange drop, SCP939's typical black and white view has been changed to orange and white.

What is SCP 999 doing?

When SCP999 is removed, SCP682 immediately awakens and releases an unidentifiable wave of energy from its body as it laughs madly. All the people in the waves began to giggle in a paralyzing manner, allowing SCP682 to escape and slaughter everything in its path.

How many SCPs are there?

5000 contained SCPs, with twice as many items classified or classified as abnormal.

What are SCP stories?

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative art project of the same name. The site also features thousands of Foundation Stories, stories set in the world of the SCP Foundation.

Is SCP 343 a god?

> Is SCP343 a God or just a bearer of reality? The counterfeiters of reality are gods. It's that simple: the perfect gods have three powers (omnipotence, omniscience, omnipotence), but whoever becomes omnipotent first will likely acquire the other two and become immortal.

What is the scariest SCP ever?

Here are the SCPs I fear most: SCP173 He is so cute, but also scary due to his behavior. SCP096 Don't look him in the face! SCP682 The only SCP factory that wanted to be destroyed. SCP106 This image is terrifying. SCP049 The second thing he hears during an operation is a zombie apocalypse.

What is SCP 001 doing?

Description: SCP001 is a well-known entity or entity capable of initiating and managing anomalous phenomena on Earth and in all regions of space that have so far been observed using modern scientific methods. Upon receiving communications from SCP001, the Serapis project (later known as SCP2798) was launched.

Who is the most powerful SCP?

SCP's multiverse possesses a variety of powerful creatures, such as SCP682, SCP001, and SCP343, who have repeatedly been referred to as the creators of the entire universe. Due to the cryptic nature of the SCP gods, people have asked if SCP343 is the strongest and most powerful SCP god.

What is the most dangerous SCP class?

These are the most frequently used object classes in SCP articles and make up the majority of objects. No doubt. Safeclass SCP are anomalies that can be handled easily and safely. Euclid. Keter. Thaumiel. neutralized. Explain. Esoteric / narrative lessons. Stopped.

What does Keter mean?

The term Keter is attributed to people who have both (a) a strong and active hostility towards human life, civilization and / or space-time and (b) are capable of causing major destruction in the event of violation of incarceration . Most Keter-class SCPs are unresponsive and most are inanimate objects.

Why is SCP so popular?

In conclusion, due to its overall design and abilities, SCP 049 is popular with players who do not breach the containment breach. He is separated from other SCPs due to his skills and the irony of the role. He's supposed to cure his patients, but he kills them instead, which is pretty funny.

Friendly Scps