Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire,

What Does Friendly Fire Mean?

  1. A deliberately lit fire that stays within the intended boundaries, for example in the space of a stove or fireplace. Courts generally rule that property insurance, which is based on declared hazards, does not cover damage caused by a friendly fire. However, comprehensive property insurance covers fire damage, as such damage is no exception. Compare with enemy fire.

  2. The definition of Friendly Fire is: Fires that are not covered by the property policy because the fire is deliberately lit and burned at the desired location (such as candles on the dining table, candles are not covered). However, if the candle burns the table, it will be covered by enemy fire.

Literal Meanings of Friendly Fire


Meanings of Friendly:
  1. Friendly way

  2. A game of football that is not part of a serious competition.

  3. Friendly and kind

  4. Name something appropriate and harmless for a specific purpose.

  5. Cheap or useful.

  6. (Army or equipment) of their own armed forces, which is theirs or in alliance with them.

Sentences of Friendly
  1. They are friends with me

  2. Environmental processes that respect the environment

Synonyms of Friendly

advantageous, benevolent, easy to get along with, good-natured, congenial, sympathetic, company-loving, warm, demonstrative, affectionate, kindly, well disposed, genial, helpful, approachable, clubbable, unreserved, easy-going, favourable, comradely, convivial, sociable, good, gregarious, agreeable, amenable, accessible


Meanings of Fire:
  1. Fire from a firearm or other weapon to explode (bullet or estimate)

  2. Firing from the job (employee).

  3. Provide fuel (oven, engine, boiler or power plant).

  4. Encouragement or Awakening (Imagination or Emotions)

  5. Bake or dry in the oven (ceramic, brick, etc.).

  6. Combustion, or combustion, in which a chemical combines with oxygen in the air and usually emits bright light, heat, and smoke.

  7. Sensation in the body.

  8. Weapons projections, especially firearms firing.

Sentences of Fire
  1. Firing on a retreating prisoner

  2. Liquid gas can ignite a space heater

  3. India awakened my imagination

  4. Methane is used to bake bricks at a nearby factory.

  5. The fire destroyed his house

  6. Whiskey sets fire to the back of your throat

  7. The machine gun exploded

Synonyms of Fire

throw out, let fly with, fire, excite, animate, give someone their notice, rouse, supply with fuel, stimulate, inflame, stir up, send flying, let go, sniping, enliven, draw forth, hurl, dismiss, get rid of, shy, bombardment, stoke up, breathe life into

Friendly Fire,

Friendly Fire: What is the Meaning of Friendly Fire?

  • The fire is deliberately lit in a fireplace, stove, stove, or other container that does not spread outside.

Literal Meanings of Friendly Fire


Synonyms of Friendly

beneficial, communicative, outgoing, cordial, neighbourly, amiable, open, companionable, benign, affable, obliging, hospitable


Synonyms of Fire

flak, throw, bring out, shoot, call forth, arouse, power, depose, charge, evoke, lay off, firing, gunfire, engender, send, put life into, loose off, awaken, launch, eject