Fridge Blocking Window

Fridge Blocking Window

Can you place the refrigerator by the window? 3

We bought a new fridge and wanted to rearrange some things on the cans. The only other suitable place to install the cooler is in front of the window. We didn't really use the window, our eyesight was very limited and we didn't have immediate access when we opened it. What would happen if the refrigerator was placed in front of this window? Of course I will unveil first.


Okay, since we can't read that, I said just another * place * that fits. That said, it will fit with the old E (since I found out about the tape measure and bought the same size), but I'd like to replace it with the new E.

Yes, there is no reason not to put the refrigerator in front of the window. If sunlight enters through a window, close it. The sun's heat often turns on the refrigerator.

As far as the sun's rays come from the window, it is okay to have a refrigerator. Air enters or exits these windows to dissipate heat.

There is nothing wrong with keeping the refrigerator in front of the window.

It won't hurt at all. Sold bought a refrigerator to meet the old one. They do things called measuring tape. They are amazing. Hello for help.

This heat exchanger coil can fade the glass with heat.

We don't do that anymore and put the cane and where is the fridge?

You use ... your rules ...

Fridge Blocking Window