Friable Asbestos

Friable Asbestos,

How Do You Define Friable Asbestos?

The definition of Friable Asbestos is: Any material that contains more than 1 asbestos that can be manually ground.

Literal Meanings of Friable Asbestos


Meanings of Friable:
  1. It breaks easily.

Sentences of Friable
  1. The ground fell between his fingers

Synonyms of Friable

crumbly, easily crumbled, soft, dusty, chalky, powdery


Meanings of Asbestos:
  1. Heat resistant fibrous silicate minerals that can be woven into fabric and used in insulation materials such as fire retardants and brake pads.

Sentences of Asbestos
  1. Asbestos is used for pipe insulation