Frete Cif Quem Paga

Frete Cif Quem Paga

Where are CIF and FOB sent? ۔

Or this type of CIF charge.

Or FOB type of this shipment.

No but ok


Freight CIF: Freight Amount without price or market

. (Consumers don't pay or fry, I mean ... don't pay extra tomatoes or shipping.

Not even before commercial goods)


If you know


. The price of the goods is already in the price of the goods.


FOB Freight: The reverse of CIF freight ... IE or payment customer


Or freight. Treatment ??





Stay in peace

CIF shipping payment hair supplier.

FOB Shipping Hair Payment Buyer.

Frete Cif Quem Paga

Frete Cif Quem Paga

Or CIF, which pays the contract or which carrier, and or FOB, which pays from which Wii receives the goods.

International, INCOTERMS hair is defined. Apply it or not if it is really suitable, but especially for waterways.

Is used as CIF or responsible for shipping and FOB for purchasing goods, but it is strictly mandatory.

FOB, for example, is taken on board free of charge or under the responsibility of the manufacturer. Buyer's mail.

If we use it properly, EXW or EXWorks will be fully responsible for the purchase and DDP delivery duty will be paid.

Do you make a prescription to explain abnormally or just (laughter)?

Buy invoice photo:

When freight is related to NF (sausage), we say FREIGHT  FOB (of course what pays  sa buys sausage because it is already in the tax record, right?)

If the freight is outside four NF, we say freight  CIF (of course who pays © sell who doesn't sell because it's included in the financial note, right?)

Saw? Always think and NF.

The FOB provider with NF Freight makes no payment but the buyer.

Feature invoice is paid by the featured CIF provider and not the buyer.

Honey is playing ...

Submit costs and transportation

GOR recipient

Frete Cif Quem Paga