What is Frederick? ۔

I'm a big fan of MCR, but I've never had a Fredericks group, what is it?


Frederick Frank I is a love story between Gerard Way.

She married two members of a group called My Chemical Romance, named Frank I and Gerard Way. And it's all because of your actions on stage. Fans collaborated on the story of Freud and his Frank and Gerard's affair. There are even people who believe that wives and girlfriends just hide the real relationship.

Hahaha the best thing I've ever met.

In other words, Gerard and Frank formed a partnership.

Comes from your movements on stage.

There are many fans who are sisters and partners of other members, for example, Wesest, Front.

Freud = livable.

Maybe i will go

The sweetest and most beautiful ship between Gerard Way and the beautiful Samuel Ben Frank I of My Chemical Romance, a great punk band.



Brothers and sisters

They are not pigs.