Definition of Freight:

  1. Overworked or overwhelmed

  2. Freight train

  3. Large quantities of goods are transported by truck, train, plane or airplane.

  4. Bid goods for transportation costs can be delivered on prepaid or group freight basis: (1) If paid by the shipper (such as C&F and CI) Under F), the goods remain in the possession of the sender until the delivery reaches the destination and pays the receipt from it. Sender ()) If the delivery of goods is paid for by consignment (as in FOB terms), the goods become the property of the owner when the goods are sent to the carrier by delivery note. It can be billed by weight or volume of shipment (by type or density) and also varies according to the ship's method, such as bulk, bulk, container is also called transportation. See also rate.

  5. & nbsp The cost of transporting or transporting goods by air, land or sea.

  6. A burden or burdens

  7. Bulk transport (goods) by truck, train, plane or airplane.

Synonyms of Freight

Parliamentary, Milk train, Shuttle train, Subway, Cross, Carrying, Duty, Lumber, Overtax, Barrel, Electric, Box, Wing, Transportation, Elevated, Ship, Portage, Lading, Tax, Carriage, Truckage, Expressage, Fill, Send off, Fill up, Incumbency, Freighter, Surfeit, Cargo, Oppress, Drag, Can, Funicular, Waftage, Saturate, Overburden, Bale, Trainload, Toting, Shuttle, Pile, Underground, Transmit, Cumber, Overfill, Telpherage, Load, Brim, Cargo, Transport, Porterage, Payload, Bearing, Charge, Bag, Mail, Manhandle, Disadvantage, Top off, Rolling stock, Remit, Export, Pack away, Cable railroad, Ram in, Lightning express, Delivery, Flier, Express train, Ship, Send away, Transport in bulk, Saddling, Fly, Lift, Deadweight, Overtaxing, Expedite, Cog railroad, Goods train, Weigh on, Stack, Overweight, Consign, Electric train, Air-express, Luggage, Onus, Convey, Crate, Trailerload, Local, Send forth, Airlift, Bottle, Poundage, Burdening, Railway express, Jam-pack, Pad, Interurban, Baggage train, Jam, Weigh upon, Express, Haul, Burthen, Crowd, Sack, Mass, Way train, Supercharge, Tonnage, Oppression, Whisk, Truckload, Impediment, Lighterage, Heap, Conduct, Streamliner, Passenger train, Difficulty, Haul, Hauling, Millstone, Consignment, Shipment, Cram, Carry, Inconvenience, Drop a letter, Air express, Railroad train, Rest hard upon, Embark, Vanload, Shipload, Packing, Asportation, Lug, Rack-and-pinion railroad, Encumbrance, Task, Surcharge, Wagonage, Overweighting, Goods, Charging, Take, Tube, Limited, Chock, Carload, Imposition, Choo-choo, Burden, Superincumbency, Monorail, Cog railway, Rattler, White elephant, Overload, Lade, Haulage, Saddle, Fill to overflowing, Handicap, Drive, Carry, Pressure, Ferriage, Weight, Weigh heavy on, Encumber, Hamper, Store, Incubus, Taxing, El, Congest, Wad, Transshipment, Tote, Press hard upon, Lugging, Transport, Special, Heap up, Metro, Pack, Bear, Conveyance, Shipment, Baggage, Dispatch, Amtrak, Drayage, Bear hard upon, Forward, Waft, Loading, Stow, Parliamentary train, Delivery, Consignment, Airmail, Train, Embarrassment, Impedimenta, Cumbrance, Post, Airfreight, Send, Freightage, Convey, Trouble, Freight train, Stuff, Satiate, Shipping, Cartload, Penalty, Load, Cartage, Pocket

How to use Freight in a sentence?

  1. If you are sending a large shipment, ltd to work for you. Be sure to hire a trusted company.
  2. I can hear the constant groaning of the afternoon delivery at my house.
  3. To handle the cargo we have to analyze the different options because the plane is slower, but cheaper than the trains.
  4. I decided to buy the engine block in person instead of sending it to me because shipping costs were prohibited.

Meaning of Freight & Freight Definition

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