Freight charge

Freight charge,

Definition of Freight charge:

  1. A charge paid for carriage or transportation of goods by air, land, or sea.

    Goods may be transported on freight-prepaid or freight-collect basis: (1) If the freight is paid by the consignor (as under C&F and CIF terms) the goods remain the consignors property until their delivery is taken by the consignee upon their arrival at the destination, and payment of the consignors invoice. (2) If freight is paid by the consignee (as under FOB terms) the goods become the consignees property when handed over to the carrier against a bill of lading. It may be charged on the weight or volume of the shipment (depending upon its nature or density) and also varies according to the mode of shipment, such as bulk, break bulk, containerized. Also called freightage. See also fare.

How to use Freight charge in a sentence?

  1. I chose to purchase my engine block in person, rather than having it shipped to me; because the freight charge was ridiculously expensive.

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