Freight Broker

Freight Broker,

What is The Definition of Freight Broker?

  • The person, company or company that arranges transportation against payment for goods. The broker does not transport and is not responsible for shipping. Under the Interstate Trade Commission Termination Act (ICC), brokers must continue to register and demonstrate the necessary financial obligations.

Literal Meanings of Freight Broker


Meanings of Freight:
  1. Large-scale transportation (goods) by truck, train, plane or plane.

  2. Be defeated or be defeated.

  3. Mass transport by truck, train, plane or airplane.

  4. A freight train

Sentences of Freight
  1. I can hear the sound of daylight from my house

Synonyms of Freight

delivery, carry, drive, transport in bulk, consignment, shipment, transport, ship, convey, load, haul, cargo


Meanings of Broker:
  1. Organized or negotiated (an agreement, contract or plan)

  2. Individuals who buy and sell goods or assets to third parties.

Sentences of Broker
  1. Fighting continues despite efforts to negotiate a ceasefire

  2. Central lenders operate through brokers.

Synonyms of Broker

dealer, hammer out, pull off, trafficker, contract, broker-dealer, bring about, work out, bring off, thrash out, organize, arrange, orchestrate, agent, clinch, negotiator, settle