Definition of Freezing:

  1. Below 32°F (0°C).

  2. Food preservation method in which a water-based item is flash-frozen to deactivate the microorganisms present in it without killing them.

  3. The freezing point of water.

Synonyms of Freezing

Bitterly cold, Cold, Chill, Chilling, Frosty, Frozen, Glacial, Wintry, Sub-zero, Siberian, Adiabatic absorption, Adiabatic demagnetization, Adiabatic expansion, Air conditioning, Air cooling, Algid, Algific, Anhydration, Arctic, Below zero, Biting, Bitter, Bitterly cold, Blast freezing, Blast-freezing, Bleak, Boreal, Bottling, Brining, Brisk, Brumal, Canning, Chill, Chilling, Chilly, Cold, Cold as charity, Cold as death, Cold as ice, Cold as marble, Congealing, Congealment, Congelation, Cooling, Corning, Crisp, Cryogenics, Curing, Cutting, Deep freezing, Dehydration, Dehydrofreezing, Desiccation, Dry-curing, Drying, Electric refrigeration, Embalming, Evaporation, Food freezing, Freezable, Freeze-drying, Freezing cold, Frigid, Frigorific, Frosty, Frozen, Fuming, Gas refrigeration, Gelid, Glaciable, Glacial, Glaciation, Glacification, Hibernal, Hiemal, Hyperboreal, Hyperborean, Ice-cold, Ice-encrusted, Icelike, Icy, Inclement, Infrigidation, Irradiation, Jerking, Keen, Marination, Mechanical refrigeration, Mummification, Nipping, Nippy, Numbing, Penetrating, Perishing, Pickling, Piercing, Pinching, Polar, Potting, Quick freezing, Quick-freezing, Raw, Reduction of temperature, Refreezing, Refrigerant, Refrigeration, Refrigerative, Refrigeratory, Regelation, Rigorous, Salting, Seasoning, Severe, Sharp, Sharp freezing, Sharp-freezing, Shivering, Shivery, Sleety, Slushy, Smoking, Snappy, Stone-cold, Stuffing, Subzero, Super-cooling, Supercooled, Taxidermy, Tinning, Winterbound, Winterlike, Wintery, Wintry

How to use Freezing in a sentence?

  1. The temperature was well above freezing.
  2. Strong winds and freezing temperatures.

Meaning of Freezing & Freezing Definition

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