Freezing point

Freezing point,

Definition of Freezing point:

  1. Temperature at which a liquid turns into solid. Freezing point of pure water is 0°C or 32°F at normal atmospheric pressure.

Synonyms of Freezing point

Absolute zero, Algidity, Bitterness, Bleakness, Boiling point, Briskness, Chill, Chilliness, Cold, Coldness, Cool, Coolness, Coolth, Crispness, Cryogenics, Cryology, Decrease in temperature, Dew point, Freshness, Frigidity, Frostiness, Gelidity, Iciness, Inclemency, Intense cold, Keenness, Low temperature, Melting point, Nip, Nippiness, Rawness, Recalescence point, Rigor, Severity, Sharp air, Sharpness, Temperature, Zero

Meaning of Freezing point & Freezing point Definition