Definition of Freeze:

  1. (of a liquid) be turned into ice or another solid as a result of extreme cold.

  2. Temporary cessation of certain activities, provisions, rates, rights, or rules.

  3. Store (something) at a very low temperature in order to preserve it.

  4. Hold (something) at a fixed level or in a fixed state for a period of time.

  5. Become suddenly motionless or paralyzed with fear or shock.

  6. A period of frost or very cold weather.

  7. An act of holding or being held at a fixed level or in a fixed state.

Synonyms of Freeze

KO, Abide, Anesthetize, Anhydrate, Appall, Arrest, Awe, Balance, Ballast, Ban, Be cold, Be still, Bedaze, Benumb, Besot, Bite, Bitter weather, Blast, Blast-freeze, Bleak weather, Blight, Block, Blunt, Brake, Brine, Bring to, Bring up short, Change color, Chatter, Check, Checkmate, Chill, Chloroform, Coast, Cold snap, Cold wave, Cold weather, Coldcock, Congeal, Corn, Counterbalance, Cure, Cut, Cut short, Dam, Deaden, Deadlock, Debar, Dehydrate, Depth of winter, Desensitize, Desiccate, Didder, Dither, Dope, Draw rein, Drive away, Drive out, Drug, Dry, Dry-cure, Dry-salt, Dull, Eject, Embalm, Eternalize, Eternize, Etherize, Evaporate, Exclude, Expel, Firm, Firm up, Fix, Force out, Freeze out, Freeze solid, Freeze to death, Freeze-dry, Freezing weather, Frost, Frostbite, Fume, Funk, Glaciate, Glacify, Go through, Grow cold, Grow pale, Halt, Hard winter, Harden, Have a chill, Have goose pimples, Hold, Horrify, Horripilate, Ice, Ice over, Ice up, Immobilization, Immobilize, Immortalize, Irradiate, Jerk, Kayo, Keep, Keep alive, Keep fresh, Keep quiet, Kipper, Knock out, Knock senseless, Knock stiff, Knock unconscious, Lay out, Lie still, Lose courage, Lose heat, Marinade, Marinate, Mark time, Monumentalize, Mummify, Nail down, Narcotize, Nip, Not breathe, Not stir, Numb, Obtund, Ostracize, Pale, Palsy, Paralyze, Peg, Penetrate, Perennialize, Perish with cold, Perpetuate, Petrify, Pickle, Pierce, Pin, Pin down, Preservatize, Preserve, Preserve from oblivion, Pull up, Put paid to, Put to sleep, Quake, Quick-freeze, Quiver, Raw weather, Refreeze, Refrigerate, Regelate, Reject, Remain, Remain motionless, Repose, Rest, Retain, Salt, Scare stiff, Scare to death, Season, Set, Shake, Shiver, Shock, Shudder, Smoke, Smoke-cure, Snap, Solidify, Stabilitate, Stabilize, Stalemate, Stall, Stand, Stand fast, Stand firm, Stand still, Stay, Stay put, Steady, Stem, Stem the tide, Stick, Stick fast, Stiffen, Stop, Stop cold, Stop dead, Stop short, Strike dumb, Strike terror into, Stuff, Stun, Stupefy, Subzero weather, Take alarm, Take fright, Tarry, Terrify, Transfix, Tread water, Tremble, Turn color, Turn pale, Winter, Wintry weather, Wintry wind, Zero weather, Cold snap, Spell of cold weather, Freeze-up, Frost, Fix, Suspend, Hold, Peg, Set, Deep-freeze, Quick-freeze, Freeze-dry, Put in the freezer, Pack in ice, Put on ice, Ice, Fix, Suspension, Hold, Stop dead, Stop in ones tracks, Stop, Stand still, Stand stock still, Go rigid, Become motionless, Become paralysed

How to use Freeze in a sentence?

  1. In the winter the milk froze.
  2. New spending on defense was to be frozen.
  3. The cake can be frozen.
  4. Workers faced a pay freeze.
  5. The big freeze surprised the weathermen.
  6. Mathewson froze on the spot, unable to take the next step.

Meaning of Freeze & Freeze Definition