Freeze Dried Grasshoppers

Freeze Dried Grasshoppers

Are frozen legs good for a bearded dragon? ۔

I just bought a frozen dry fork that I gave to my 4 year old male bear. Is it allowed to eat anything other than live insects and cricket?

If you eat and crush, it will be good food for you. Do not eat more than the width between the eyes as the tweezers are hard. I will not eat living things at all. If you think they are, you will pick them up to see if they have moved because you have eaten them.

Dry claws

Yes, they are. You can feed the bear frozen dry food like this, but live insects are healthy for them because it contains liquids that help keep the dragon hydrated. Frozen dry beech was high in protein, so I started feeding cricket directly. Always spray your insects with calcium powder, this is important for the health of your reptile.

Never eat reptiles, even partially frozen food, it is bad for the stomach. You need to find a way to keep your bearded dragon warm at room temperature.

They eat fresh food better and it doesn't taste good anymore, just me.

Freeze Dried Grasshoppers