Definition of Freeganism:

  1. Type of lifestyle that encourages minimal consumption and dependence on the capitalist economy. Freegans practice liberal salvage and reuse of products, bartering and creation of products by hand.

  2. Those who engage in the practices of Freeganism are known as Freegans. Many Freegans are vegans who have based their beliefs on the idea that capitalistic over-indulgence is a driver for the carnivorous demand for meat. Freegans go beyond the practices of limited meat consumption by vegans, further boycotting nearly all aspects of capitalism and the over-indulgent behaviors they believe it creates across multiple economic aspects. As such, the welfare of animals ranks highly for Freegans, as does human rights, the environment, and living a simplistic life.

  3. Freeganism is an alternative philosophy for living, based on minimum participation in capitalism and conventional economic practices as well as limited consumption of capitalistic resources. The term Freeganism first appeared in the mid-1990s, combining the behaviors of vegans—persons who refuse to buy animal-based products—with the philosophy of living a lifestyle free from modern capitalism.

How to use Freeganism in a sentence?

  1. Freegans, disciples of Freeganism, believe capitalism manifests gross over-production and over-indulgences which are ideologies they try to mitigate and refrain from in their practices.
  2. Practices Freegans use to meet their basic needs often include foraging instead of buying, volunteering rather than working, and squatting as opposed to renting.
  3. Freeganism is a lifestyle philosophy focused on adopting alternative means to modern capitalism for the satisfaction of material needs.
  4. Some of the primary activities Freegans seek to act against include animal cruelty, human rights abuse, and environmental destruction as well as capitalistic exploitations creating excessive competition, greed, production, over-consumption, and over-indulgence.

Meaning of Freeganism & Freeganism Definition