Freedom Of Information Act (foia)

Freedom Of Information Act (foia),

Freedom Of Information Act (foia) Meanings:

  1. Freedom Of Information Act (foia) means, Federal law requires that all records created and maintained by federal agents in the executive branch of government be open for public viewing and copying. The only exceptions are documents that fall into one of the nine types of exemptions listed by law.

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Meanings of Freedom:
  1. The right or right to act, speak or think as desired, without restriction or restriction.

Sentences of Freedom
  1. We have some freedom of choice

Synonyms of Freedom

entitlement to, right to


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Meanings of Information:
  1. Learned about a fact or something else.

Sentences of Information
  1. Information about genetic transmission

Synonyms of Information

data, details, facts, statistics, figures, particulars


Meanings of Act:
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  1. He called on Washington to comply

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Meanings of Foia:
  1. This means the Freedom of Information Act

Sentences of Foia
  1. In response to a request for FOIA records, the prison provided a one-page diary from January 14.