Freedom of association

Freedom of association,

Definition of Freedom of association:

  1. Right to get together for a legal common cause or purpose without interference. While a government may not prohibit its citizens from joining a particular organization, the organization may be prohibited from accepting some and excluding others. Freedom of religion is included under freedom of association.

How to use Freedom of association in a sentence?

  1. You should always do your best to have the freedom of association that you need to deal with the people you want.
  2. All of the citizens in the park were practicing their freedom of association even though the police threatened to stop them.
  3. The freedom of association was exercised during the software technology meetup as radical ideas were discussed with regards to online privacy.

Meaning of Freedom of association & Freedom of association Definition

Freedom Of Association,

Freedom Of Association Definition:

  1. The definition of Freedom Of Association is: Everyone has the right to come together to form or join existing groups or organizations, including unions.

Literal Meanings of Freedom Of Association


Meanings of Freedom:
  1. The right or right to act, speak or think as one pleases, without hindrance or restriction

Sentences of Freedom
  1. We have some freedom of choice

Synonyms of Freedom

right to, entitlement to


Meanings of Of:
  1. Indicates an association between two entities, usually an association body.

  2. Describe the relationship between a general type or category and the specific items that fall into this category.

Synonyms of Of

done by, by, in, from, of, caused by, carried out by, made by


Meanings of Association:
  1. A group of people (often by name) are organized for this purpose.

  2. A link or collaboration between people or organizations.

  3. The mental connection between thoughts or things.

Sentences of Association
  1. National Broadcasting Association

  2. Established close ties with the university

  3. There is a problem with the word bureaucracy

Synonyms of Association

merger, union, coalition, relation, tie, interrelation, syndicate, consortium, cooperative, corporation, confederacy, interdependence, confederation, link, relationship, partnership, interconnection, league, guild, amalgamation, conglomerate, connection, alliance, attachment, federation, bond