Definition of Free:

  1. Purchasing: Pricing inclusive of delivery charges up to a named point, such as in free on board..

  2. Economics: Characterized by choice and not by constraint or external control, such as a free market.

  3. Law: Unencumbered or unburdened, such as a free property.

  4. General: (1) Costing nothing in terms of money, such as a free service. (2) Having legal and political rights that confer civil and political liberties, such as a free citizen. (3) Independent, not subject to the commands, constraints, or domination of another, such as a free country.

Synonyms of Free

Abandoned, Able, Above, Absolve, Accessible, Acquit, Adrift, Affranchise, Afloat, Afoot and lighthearted, Allowed, Amnesty, Approachable, Arbitrary, Artless, As a gift, As our guest, At large, At leisure, At liberty, At loose ends, At will, Autarchic, Autarkic, Autonomous, Available, Bald, Bare, Bighearted, Bluff, Blunt, Bounteous, Bountiful, Break loose, Break out, Broad, Brusque, Candid, Cast off, Casual, Charitable, Cleanse, Cleanse away, Clear, Clear of, Cleared, Communicative, Complimentary, Conversable, Costless, Cut loose, Debauched, Decontaminate, Deliver, Delivered, Democratic, Demonstrative, Deobstruct, Deserted, Destigmatize, Detach, Detached, Diffuse, Direct, Disburden, Discharge, Disclose, Disclosed, Discretional, Discretionary, Disembarrass, Disembroil, Disencumber, Disengage, Disengaged, Disentangle, Disenthrall, Disinvolve, Disjoin, Dislodge, Dismiss, Dispense from, Dispense with, Disperse, Dissipated, Dissolute, Doff, Downright, Ease, Ease off, Easy, Easygoing, Effusive, Elective, Eleemosynary, Emancipate, Emancipated, Empty, Enfranchise, Enfranchised, Escaped, Except, Exculpate, Excuse, Exempt, Exempt from, Exonerate, Expansive, Expenseless, Explicit, Expose, Exposed, Extra, Extract, Extricate, Extricated, Extroverted, Fallow, Fast, Fled, Floating, Flown, Footloose, Footloose and fancy-free, For free, For love, For nothing, For the asking, Forgive, Forsaken, Forthright, Frank, Frankhearted, Free and easy, Free as air, Free for nothing, Free from, Free gratis, Free of, Free of charge, Free of cost, Free up, Free will, Free-born, Free-speaking, Free-spoken, Free-tongued, Freebie, Freeborn, Freed, Freehanded, Freehearted, Freely, Fugitive, Furlough, Gallant, Gay, Generous, Genuine, Get out, Giftlike, Give absolution, Give dispensation from, Give release, Give respite, Given, Giving, Gossipy, Gracious, Grant amnesty to, Grant immunity, Grant remission, Gratis, Gratuitous, Gratuitously, Greathearted, Handsome, Heart-to-heart, Honest, Hospitable, Idle, In the clear, Independent, Individualistic, Informal, Ingenuous, Intermit, Jobless, Justify, Large, Largehearted, Lavish, Leisure, Leisured, Let go, Let loose, Let off, Let out, Let up, Liberal, Liberate, Liberated, Licentious, Loose, Loosely, Loosen, Lumpen, Magnanimous, Manifest, Manumit, Munificent, Naked, Natural, Newsy, Nonmandatory, Nonpros, Off, Off duty, Off work, Offered, On one, On parole, On the house, On the loose, Open, Open-handed, Openhanded, Openhearted, Openly, Optional, Out, Out of, Out of employ, Out of harness, Out of work, Outgoing, Outright, Outspoken, Pardon, Parole, Patefy, Permitted, Plain, Plain-spoken, Princely, Proffered, Profligate, Profuse, Purge, Purge away, Quash the charge, Quit, Quit of, Rakehell, Rakehellish, Rakehelly, Rakish, Ransom, Recover, Redeem, Redeemed, Relax, Relaxed, Release, Released, Relieve, Remise, Remit, Remove, Reprieve, Rescue, Rescued, Retired, Retrieve, Reveal, Rickety, Rid, Rid of, Round, Runaway, Salvage, Save, Save the necessity, Scatter, Scot-free, Self-acting, Self-active, Self-determined, Self-determining, Self-directing, Self-governed, Self-governing, Self-revealing, Self-revelatory, Semiretired, Separate, Set at large, Set at liberty, Set free, Shaky, Shed of, Shrive, Shut of, Sincere, Slack, Slack off, Slacken, Sociable, Sovereign, Spare, Spontaneous, Spring, Sprung, Stintless, Straight, Straight-out, Straightforward, Suspend, Take off, Talkative, Tear loose, Tenantless, To his heirs, Transparent, Unanchored, Unasked, Unattached, Unbar, Unbesought, Unbidden, Unbind, Unblock, Unbolt, Unbought, Unbound, Unbridled, Unbuckle, Unburden, Unbutton, Uncage, Uncalled-for, Uncase, Unceremonious, Unchain, Unchained, Unchecked, Unclasp, Unclench, Unclog, Unclogged, Unclosed, Unclutch, Unclutter, Uncoerced, Uncommitted, Uncompelled, Unconditional, Unconditioned, Unconfined, Unconstrained, Uncontrolled, Uncork, Uncover, Uncovered, Uncurtain, Undo, Undone, Undrape, Unemployable, Unemployed, Unencumbered, Unengaged, Unenslaved, Unequivocal, Unfasten, Unfastened, Unfetter, Unfettered, Unfilled, Unfixed, Unfold, Unforced, Unfoul, Unglue, Ungrudging, Unguarded, Unhampered, Unhidden, Unhindered, Unimpeded, Uninfluenced, Uninhabited, Uninhibited, Uninvited, Uninvolved, Unknot, Unlace, Unlatch, Unleash, Unlock, Unloose, Unloosen, Unmanned, Unobstructed, Unoccupied, Unpaid-for, Unpeopled, Unplug, Unpopulated, Unpressured, Unprompted, Unravel, Unrepressed, Unrequested, Unrequired, Unreserved, Unreservedly, Unrestrained, Unrestricted, Unreticent, Unroll, Unscramble, Unseal, Unsecretive, Unselfish, Unshackle, Unshackled, Unsheathe, Unshrinking, Unshut, Unsilent, Unsnarl, Unsolicited, Unsought, Unsparing, Unstaffed, Unstick, Unstinted, Unstinting, Unstop, Unstopped, Unstrap, Unstuck, Unsuppressed, Untaken, Untangle, Untaxed, Untenanted, Untended, Untie, Untied, Unused, Unveil, Unwrap, Vacant, Vindicate, Voluntary, Volunteer, Weigh anchor, Well out of, Whitewash, Wide-open, Wild, Willful, With abandon, Withdraw the charge, Without, Without charge, Without restraint, Without stint

How to use Free in a sentence?

  1. Someone was offering free baby clothes in an attempt to give them to someone in need as their baby had already outgrown them and they no longer needed them.
  2. The cereal I like is buy one get one free at the other supermarket, so I think I will go there too.
  3. There is no such thing as a free lunch was the first lesson I learned in economics class in business school.

Meaning of Free & Free Definition