Free rider

Free rider,

Definition of Free rider:

  1. Originally: a person who rides a train, bus, etc., without having paid for it (when others have). Now chiefly: a person who, or organization which, benefits (or seeks to benefit) in some way from the effort of others, without making a similar contribution. Also attributive, in free-rider problem. Compare free-ride, free-riding.

  2. A person who participates in free-riding.

  3. Party that enjoys a benefit accruing from a collective effort, but contributes little or nothing to the effort.

How to use Free rider in a sentence?

  1. The employees considered the managers wife a free rider because she received all of the same company perks without working for them.
  2. The free rider added nothing to the relationship so after a few months we had to remove him from our team.
  3. Sometimes there will be a free rider at your office and it is best to get rid of the dead weight while you can.

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