Free Reserves

Free Reserves,

What is The Definition of Free Reserves?

  1. You can define Free Reserves as, Funds are available to companies that do not have specific known responsibilities and are therefore available to handle unforeseen events.

Literal Meanings of Free Reserves


Meanings of Free:
  1. There is no commission or payment.

  2. With wet leaves

  3. Freedom from imprisonment, imprisonment or slavery.

  4. Not being under the control or authority of someone else who is able to work or do as he pleases.

  5. No or no longer locked or unlocked.

  6. Not bound or limited by promises or obligations.

  7. Not dependent or affected (a particular thing, generally undesirable)

  8. Available for reference or for free.

  9. Use luxury or spend without restriction.

Sentences of Free
  1. Admission is free for women

  2. I kept it out of the air and traveled freely until I woke up

  3. He was released from prison

  4. I have no desire but to live a happy and free life

  5. Researchers release birds

  6. He spends his free time shopping

  7. Free membership

  8. Free treatment

  9. He is always free of his money

  10. Elliott felt that there was no free verse for this lion who wanted to do a good job.

  11. We were free, the wind was light, but dark clouds began to rise and sometimes thunder flashed.

Synonyms of Free

extravagant, unencumbered by, without, without charge, deliver, not at work, discharge, liberate, at liberty, giving, for nothing, bountiful, let loose, devoid of, unoccupied, clear of, complimentary, open-handed, off duty, at no cost, prodigal, unstinting, munificent, bounteous, at large, charitable, lavish, not busy, not working


Meanings of Reserves:
  1. Keep for future use.

  2. Make sure (room, seat, ticket, etc.) is reserved for the specific person.

  3. Avoid making decisions (judgments or decisions) without consideration and evidence.

  4. Supply of products that are not required for immediate use, but are available when needed.

  5. A force that prevents others from acting to strengthen or protect them or is available in regular armed forces as well as in emergencies.

  6. An additional player who is a potential substitute in the team.

  7. A place is reserved for special use.

  8. Lack of coherence or clarity in manners or impressions.

Sentences of Reserves
  1. Roll out half the dough and keep the other half.

  2. Seats are reserved for him in the front row

  3. I have an opinion on your abilities until I repeat it.

  4. Australia has significant reserves of coal, gas and uranium

  5. These people are kept in the reservation center and can be taken anywhere.

  6. I am the alternate prostitute of the World Cup team

  7. There were some areas where land was allotted, but now it was used for various purposes.

  8. He smiled and some of his reserves melted

  9. No bookings were made, although the pub is expected to auction on November 8. More than 3.5 million.

  10. For the first time in the tin bridge product industry, a reserve motif feathered headdress should have been developed on a black background.

Synonyms of Reserves

fresh troops, withhold, self-restraint, arrange for, pool, make a reservation for, arrange in advance, self-containment, stock, reservoir, accumulation, book, store, secure, order, defer, prearrange for, reticence, emergency, fund, relief, bank, fallback, put off, postpone, supplementaries, put aside, set aside

Free Reserves,

What Does Free Reserves Mean?

Free Reserves refers to Money is available to companies that do not have specialized knowledge and therefore are available to deal with unforeseen events.

Literal Meanings of Free Reserves


Meanings of Free:
  1. Able to do or do as he pleases without being under the control of other people.

  2. Not subject to any liability or responsibility

  3. Subject or not affected (some unwanted)

  4. Given or provided free of charge.

  5. Bring or spend generously without any restrictions.

  6. (Literary or musical) which does not follow the usual style or formal conventions.

  7. (Wind) Flying in a favorable direction towards the ship or on the shore.

  8. With soft sheet

Sentences of Free
  1. I have no desire but to live happily and freely.

  2. Our sauces do not contain preservatives.

  3. He is always free with his money.

  4. Women have free admission.

  5. I keep them out of the air and travel freely until they stand up.

  6. Your inheritance freed you from financial hardship.

  7. We set aside management time for alternative work.

Synonyms of Free

on leave, except, off work, liberal, sans, gratis, release, for free, strip of, untied, set free, contactable, set at liberty, relieved of, unrestrained, unfettered, minus, unmanacle, unchain, exempt from, with time on one's hands, safe from, not tied up, with time to spare, let off, unshackled, manumit, relieve of


Meanings of Reserves:
  1. Make sure (rooms, seats, tickets, etc.) are reserved for specific people to use.

  2. Avoid making decisions or judgments without consideration or evidence.

  3. Delivery of products that are not required for immediate use, but are available when needed.

  4. A force that is prevented from working to strengthen or protect others or in addition to the regular armed forces and is available in case of an emergency.

  5. Extra players who are potential substitutes for the team.

  6. Space is reserved for special use.

  7. Lack of empathy or sincerity in manners or impressions.

  8. Abbreviation for minimum price.

  9. (For ceramic or textile decoration) An area where the original material or background color is visible.

Sentences of Reserves
  1. Take out half the dough and keep the other half.

  2. I kept my point of view on your abilities until it happened again.

  3. These people are standing in the center of the reservation and can be taken anywhere.

  4. I was a reserve prostitute for the World Cup team.

Synonyms of Reserves

bag, secretiveness, coldness, put away, replacement, delay, uncommunicativeness, remoteness, lay aside, detachment, save, charter, stand-in, cache, put to one side, distance, second-string, unwillingness to open up, in reserve, shyness, auxiliary, preserve