Free Commonlit Teacher Account

Free Commonlit Teacher Account

How can I create a teacher account on CommonLit?

| Step 1: Sign up for CommonLit

  1. Go to
  3. Choose I AM EDUCATION.
  4. Choose the type of school you work in.
  5. Enter the school name and surname, valid email address and password.
  6. Choose your role and the level of technology of your students.

How do you use CommonLit for this in the classroom?

Here are 8 ways to use Commonlit in the classroom!

  1. Check out this week’s articles.
  2. Introduction to STEM topics.
  3. Assign lessons based on student needs.
  4. Try Commonlit to introduce a social science topic.
  5. Use Commonlit to read a novel in class.

Likewise, how can you unsubscribe from CommonLit?

If the activity is still active, hover over the activity you want to delete and click the pencil icon in the lower right corner. A small screen will appear and you will see a Delete Activity button. Click the button and the task will be deleted.

And how do you score on CommonLit?

How do the students react?

  1. To highlight the selected text, move the mouse pointer over the highlighter symbol and choose one of our six colors.
  2. To add a note, select some of the text and click the text icon.
  3. Write your note in the text box and click Done when done.

What is CommonLit?

CommonLit is a free digital tool that helps students in class 512 make measurable progress in reading and writing. Teachers can create a free account and access our free library of very interesting standardized lessons.

How can I improve my Lexile score?

Check out these four tips to get the most out of Lexile measurements and to guide reading instructions.

Why are text sets important?

Text sets offer different perspectives on complex issues. They show students that there are different truths and thus emphasize the importance of asking questions about prevailing interpretations. Text sets allow students with different skills, styles and interests to access the material.

How easily do you comment?

Here is a list of some of the techniques you can use to annotate text:

Can I delete an assignment in Google Classroom?

Deleting a task cannot be undone. Find and click Connect.

How do I reset my Google Classroom?

Delete course

How do I delete a Google Classroom course?

Create assignment

Can students see their grades in Google Classroom?

Show overall grades of students in a class

How do I delete an assignment in StudySync?

Delete Job (s): Select the job (s) you want to delete by checking the boxes (A) at the end of each job line. In the options menu (B) click Delete (B).

How do I delete a class on CommonLit?

To delete a course, go to the Manage Courses page. Click the Options drop-down menu for the class you want to delete. Click File Class. Click Archived Lessons to access the Archived Lessons page.

How can I submit an assignment to StudySync?

Click the Assign button for each type of lesson. Create a StudySync assignment from the assignment library. Edit the action wheel next to the activity name on the Activities tab and select Edit Activity. After editing, click Update at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Who created the common light?

CommonLit founder Michelle Brown. Photo courtesy of CommonLit. Michelle Brown was teaching low-income students at a small rural Mississippi school when it broke down.

How much does Newsela cost?

The paid version of Newsela, Newsela PRO, offers improved tools and experiences. Newsela doesn’t post a price on its website, but it recently announced in a tweet that the Pro version costs around $ 6,000 per school, $ 2,000 per year, and $ 18 per student per year.

Free Commonlit Teacher Account