Free Collective Bargaining

Free Collective Bargaining,

Free Collective Bargaining Definition:

  • A situation where workers and union members discuss working conditions, wages, etc. with employers. In debates that are not restricted by law or government.

Literal Meanings of Free Collective Bargaining


Meanings of Free:
  1. There is no commission or payment.

  2. With wet leaves

  3. Freedom from captivity, imprisonment or slavery.

  4. Not being in the control or power of someone else who is able to act or do as he pleases.

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  6. Not bound or limited by any liability or responsibility.

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Sentences of Free
  1. Admission is free for women

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  6. He spends his free time shopping

Synonyms of Free

without, off, giving, at liberty, charitable, prodigal, not working, turn loose, deliver, gratuitous, devoid of, without charge, not at work, free of charge, unoccupied, set loose, lacking in, liberal, at large, open-handed, unencumbered by, gratis, not busy


Meanings of Collective:
  1. A cooperative enterprise

  2. Developed by people working in groups.

Sentences of Collective
  1. Anarkest Collective and Bookstore

  2. Mass protest

Synonyms of Collective

fellowship, collective, cooperative, community, communal settlement, co-op, kibbutz


Meanings of Bargaining:
  1. Discuss the terms of the transaction.

  2. Be prepared to wait.

  3. An agreement between two or more individuals or groups about what each will do for the other.

  4. Something that is usually bought or offered at a much lower price than expected.

Sentences of Bargaining
  1. Talk to City Hall about renting a stadium

  2. I got more information than expected

  3. Negotiations between pro-government political parties.

  4. The table is a gift

Synonyms of Bargaining

contemplate, understanding, expect, trade, hold talks, discuss terms, cheap buy, take into consideration, plan for, look to, negotiate, traffic, envisage, imagine, reckon with, anticipate, allow for, hope for, agreement, wheel and deal, take into account, foresee, predict