Free Cash Flow To Equity (FCFE)

Free Cash Flow To Equity (FCFE),

How To Define Free Cash Flow To Equity (FCFE)?

  • Free Cash Flow To Equity (FCFE) means: Free cash flow in equity is an estimate of the amount after all expenses, reinvestments and debt repayments to the company's shareholders. FCFE is a measure of the use of equity.

    • As a measure of capital utilization, a free cash flow to equity calculation is the amount of money available to the company's shareholders after all expenses, reinvestments and debt repayments.
    • Free cash flow in equities includes net income, investments, working capital and debt.
    • Analysts often use FCFE metrics to determine the value of a company.
    • FCFE has established itself as a diagnostic method as an alternative to the Dividend Discount Model (DDM), especially in cases where the company is not making a profit.

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