Free Balance

Free Balance,

Free Balance: What is the Meaning of Free Balance?

  1. Individual account balance. This is an estimate of the available budget for future expenditures.

Literal Meanings of Free Balance


Meanings of Free:
  1. No commission or payment.

  2. With wet leaves

  3. Freedom from captivity, imprisonment or slavery.

  4. It is not under the control or power of another person who is able to do or do as you wish.

  5. No or no longer locked or unlocked.

  6. No obligation or responsibility.

  7. Not dependent or affected (a particular thing, generally undesirable)

  8. Available or available for free.

  9. Use luxury without restrictions.

  10. (Literally) without following the strict rules of the form.

  11. (Wind) Flying sideways or hard from a favorable direction.

Sentences of Free
  1. Women have free admission.

  2. I keep them out of the air and travel freely until they stand up.

  3. He was released from prison.

  4. I have no desire but to live a happy and free life.

  5. Researchers release birds

  6. He spends his free time shopping.

  7. Free subscription

Synonyms of Free

bounteous, generous, gratuitous, charitable, not busy, release, open-handed, set at liberty, complimentary, extravagant, free of charge, between appointments, at liberty, set loose, at large, prodigal, on leave, unencumbered by, set free, turn loose, bountiful, off duty, without charge, unoccupied, liberal, not working


Meanings of Balance:
  1. Keep (something) in a stable position to prevent it from falling.

  2. Comparing or comparing the value of (one thing) with another.

  3. Compare charges and credits on (accounts), often to make sure they are the same.

  4. An even distribution of weight allows a person or thing to stay upright and stable.

  5. A country where different subjects are equal or in the right proportions.

  6. Weighing equipment, especially with kingpins, blocks and scales.

  7. A balance or force.

  8. Overweight or overweight

  9. A number that shows the difference between credit and debit in the account and the amount kept in the account.

Sentences of Balance
  1. Cup he balances on his knees

  2. The costs of obtaining this information must be weighed against the benefits.

  3. The law requires the board to maintain a balance in its books annually.

  4. He lost his balance before falling

  5. Try to maintain a balance between work and rest.

  6. The atomic weight of an element that chemists can weigh on a scale depends on the number of protons and neutrons, which weigh about the same.

  7. Let the centrifugal force be balanced as both skates swing to the left side of the turn.

Synonyms of Balance

balance, weigh against, fairness, weigh, juxtapose, evaluate, assess, consider, estimate, equal opportunity, stabilizer, ballast, appraise, contrast, impartiality, stability, makeweight, scale, equilibrium, weighbridge, weigh up, recompense, stabilize, discriminate, set against, steadiness, scales, counterweight, egalitarianism, compare