Fred Loya Insurance Policy Number

Fred Loya Insurance Policy Number

How can I cancel Fred Loya insurance?

Contact our customer service on 18008605692 to help you. Some changes can be made over the phone, while others require signature and personalization in the local office. I want to cancel the policy.

What happened to Fred Loya Insurance?

Fred Loya is the owner of the Texas-based auto insurance company Fred Loya Insurance. Loya, 27, was arrested Saturday and charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest, El Paso police said. The arrest took place along the sidewalk in the Cincinnati Avenue entertainment district.

Do you also know how much Fred Loya Insurance pays its employees?

Fred Loya Insurance Salary in the United StatesPopular jobs Distribution of the average salary
Adjustment 10 salaries declared $ 14.48 per hour $ 7.25 $ 53.85
49 declared salaries $ 10.70 per hour $ 7.25 $ 18.35
25 salaries declared $ 11.28 per hour $ 7.25 $ 21.


The question is also: Does Fred Loya have full coverage?Although the term fully comprehensive is used widely, there is no policy that offers fully comprehensive insurance. In addition to the exceptions, each policy also has restrictions and deductibles. Contact your local Fred Loya Insurance Office or our Customer Service team at (800) 8605692 to determine your specific insurance needs.

Who Owns Fred Loya Insurance?

Based in El Paso, Texas, the company is owned by Hispanic Fred Loya. Loya began selling insurance in 1974. In 2008 Loya consolidated three claims centers in San Antonio.

Does Fred Loya have an app?

For the convenience of his customers, Fred Loya also offers free mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices that mirror the mobile site without loading them from the web. Since its inception in 1974, Fred Loya Insurance has grown to 361 branches in seven states.

Who is the default insurer?

July 31, 2009 ยท One of the actresses in the Standard Insurance commercials is Lisa Jones, but no mention is made of where she is.

Does Fred Loya have roadside assistance?

Contact your local Fred Loya Insurance representative for the roadside assistance number. You can also call Fred Loya Insurance's customer service team at 800 5540595 (toll free), 800 5540595 or 888 2488787 to resolve the issue.

Dekker Geico Mexico?

Does car insurance cover you in Mexico? Most US auto insurance policies don't cover Mexico. So if you are driving south of the border, you will need additional coverage for family trailers. For example, GEICO has partners who provide Mexico-specific guidelines for cars, RVs and motorcycles.

Fred Loya Insurance Policy Number