Fraudulent claim

Fraudulent claim,

Definition of Fraudulent claim:

  1. That is based on an intentional use of false information.

Meaning of Fraudulent claim & Fraudulent claim Definition

Fraudulent Claim,

What is Fraudulent Claim?

  • Fraudulent Claim can be defined as, False insurance claims are those which are based on a false statement of fact with the intention of obtaining false insurance benefits.

    False claims are also known as false insurance claims.

Literal Meanings of Fraudulent Claim


Meanings of Fraudulent:
  1. Received, committed or defrauded, especially related to criminal fraud.

Sentences of Fraudulent
  1. Counterfeit copies of American software

Synonyms of Fraudulent

perfidious, false, deceitful, crafty, cunning, sham, Machiavellian, unprincipled, guileful, duplicitous, counterfeit, scheming, fraudulent, disingenuous, mendacious, dishonest, insincere, cheating, lying, underhand, dissembling, sly


Meanings of Claim:
  1. Explain or acknowledge that something happened, usually without evidence or proof.

  2. Confirming the truth of something that is often controversial or questionable.

  3. A request for something or a request that is considered because

Sentences of Claim
  1. Claiming to come from a rich and educated family

  2. Prosecuted by alleged CIA contacts

  3. The court rejected your asylum application

Synonyms of Claim

profess, affirmation, declare, request, avowal, profession, protest, state, representation, avow, assertion, affirm, attest, aver, averment, declaration, swear, assert, protestation, maintain, application, insist, hold