Definition of Fraud:

  1. Act or course of deception, an intentional concealment, omission, or perversion of truth, to (1) gain unlawful or unfair advantage, (2) induce another to part with some valuable item or surrender a legal right, or (3) inflict injury in some manner. Willful fraud is a criminal offense which calls for severe penalties, and its prosecution and punishment (like that of a murder) is not bound by the statute of limitations. However incompetence or negligence in managing a business or even a reckless waste of firms assets (by speculating on the stockmarket, for example) does not normally constitute a fraud. In such cases, the aggrieved party (creditors or stockholders/shareholders) must prove that at some point they were intentionally deceived on a material fact. See also statute of frauds.

Synonyms of Fraud

Abstraction, Acting, Actor, Affectation, Affecter, Annexation, Appearance, Appropriation, Artfulness, Artifice, Attitudinizing, Ballot-box stuffing, Bamboozlement, Barracuda, Bilk, Bilker, Blagueur, Bluff, Bluffer, Bluffing, Boosting, Bunco, Cardsharping, Charlatan, Cheat, Cheater, Cheating, Chicane, Chicanery, Clinquant, Color, Coloring, Con artist, Con man, Confidence man, Conversion, Conveyance, Counterfeit, Cozenage, Craft, Craftiness, Credibility gap, Deceit, Deceitfulness, Deceiver, Deception, Defrauder, Delusion, Diddle, Diddling, Disguise, Dishonesty, Disingenuousness, Dissemblance, Dissembling, Dissimulation, Dodge, Double-dealing, Dummy, Dupery, Duping, Duplicity, Embezzlement, Facade, Face, Fake, Fakement, Faker, Fakery, Faking, False air, False front, False show, Falseheartedness, Falsity, Feigning, Feint, Filching, Fishy transaction, Flam, Flimflam, Flimflammer, Forgery, Forswearing, Four-flushing, Fourflusher, Frame-up, Fraudulence, Fraudulency, Front, Gerrymandering, Gilt, Gloss, Graft, Grift, Guile, Gyp, Gyp joint, Hanky-panky, Hoax, Hollow man, Hoodwinking, Humbug, Humbuggery, Illicit business, Imitation, Impersonator, Imposition, Impostor, Imposture, Insincerity, Intrigue, Inveigler, Junk, Knave, Liberation, Lifting, Malingerer, Man of straw, Mannerist, Masquerade, Meretriciousness, Mock, Monkey business, Mountebank, Ostentation, Outward show, Paper tiger, Paste, Performer, Perjury, Phony, Pilferage, Pilfering, Pinchbeck, Pinching, Playacting, Playactor, Poaching, Pose, Poser, Poseur, Posing, Posture, Pretender, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Put-on, Put-up job, Quack, Quacksalver, Quackster, Racket, Representation, Ringer, Rip-off, Rogue, Ruse, Saltimbanco, Scam, Scoundrel, Scrounging, Seeming, Sell, Semblance, Sham, Shammer, Shark, Sharp practice, Sharper, Shoddy, Shoplifting, Show, Simulacrum, Simulation, Snatching, Sneak thievery, Snitching, Speciousness, Stealage, Stealing, Stratagem, Straw man, Subterfuge, Swindle, Swindler, Swindling, Swiping, Theft, Thievery, Thieving, Tinsel, Treachery, Trick, Trickery, Trickster, Uncandidness, Uncandor, Unfrankness, Unsincereness, Untruthfulness, Varnish, Whited sepulcher, Wile, Window dressing

How to use Fraud in a sentence?

  1. The man drove his car off of a cliff and tried to make it look like an accident in an attempt to gain money through insurance fraud .
  2. He was suspected of fraud because some of his data seemed to be made up and the people he interviewed didnt exist.
  3. I immediately called my bank to report fraud after I noticed purchases on my credit card statement that I did not make.

Meaning of Fraud & Fraud Definition