Frases Para Lapides

Frases Para Lapides

What words would you put on your lips? 10 points to compile more creativity? LOL?

Dude I love this phrase ... thanks ... it takes a long time to use ... LOL

Hello there

I like the answer from Carla and Italy.


Reading or you reminded me for the first time of Fieta, which was different from last year's Yella Elani.

I will save my favorite for the first time, share them and avoid going for you. lol

Porto to share with you and with you

Leave here the text that the author placed near the post.

Are you worried about someone going to many restaurants which means there is a lot for you, don't worry, the baby will be there.

I was supposed to meet here, sorry for not meeting me.

Even, thank you for your intentions §Ã o ...

Remembering the pleasant and beautiful moments you spent together, the mood,

No CS,

Fear never bit him.

I know that those who unite us will unite us forever through love.

Isn't that weird?

As for me, it's not that arrogant ... I try to say.

I say or feel it all ... and either I don't say you see me.



Here she, um, I never gave up my half life or my half death, but I loved life so much that I had to leave Straff !!

kiss !!

late No background عوامی  (public nionário) ===== >>>> slutty ... KK

always € é rugged, as always.

"Here is an atheist. Every place has a place to go. At € (atheist) ... LOL

I love Bedouin !!!!

Frases Para Lapides

Frases Para Lapides

Oh my god

There's only one Evangelical stream here ... I'm not here .. ÃÂ Creedym .. Lol


As I have ten people, I will say this sentence:

It all takes a while

From now on, they will not consider it with me.

Frases Para Lapides