Definition of Framing:

  1. Setting an approach or query within an appropriate context to achieve a desired result or elicit a precise answer.

  2. The action of framing something.

Synonyms of Framing

Statement, Stating, Naming, Identification, Definition, Defining, Describing, Description, Setting out, Setting down, Framing, Itemizing, Designation, Designating, Detailing, Listing, Spelling out, Enumeration, Enumerating, Particularizing, Cataloguing, Citing, Instancing

How to use Framing in a sentence?

  1. In watching the film, youll see several unsteady shots and many instances of bad framing.
  2. In order to build the house, we must put down a foundation. After that is set, we can set up the framing .
  3. It is important to always use the correct framing for your business ideas so that everyone is on the same page.
  4. The framing that the defendant chose to utilize was quite strange but effective in telling the story of the event.

Meaning of Framing & Framing Definition

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Control method used in multiplexed digital channels in which bits are inserted so that the receiver can identify the time slots allocated to each channel. Frame bits can also contain alarms that indicate certain alarm conditions.