Definition of Framework:

  1. A map, an overview or interface of interrelated elements that supports a specific point of view for a specific purpose and acts as a guide that can be changed by adding or removing elements if necessary. Is.

  2. The main support structure of a building, vehicle or object.

Synonyms of Framework

Standpoint, Substructure, Relief, Angle of vision, Frame, Basis, Skeleton, Chassis, Outlook, Window case, Light, Frame of reference, Place, Viewpoint, Configuration, Figure, Structure, Case, Anschauung, Figuration, Contour, Situation, Lines, Shell, Picture frame, Latticework, Cadre, Side, Shell, Profile, Body, Main features, Slant, Footing, Sight, Shapes, Delineation, Framing, Fabric, Casement, Frame, Angle, Skeleton, View, Reference system, Mental outlook, Position, System, Chassis, Universe, Silhouette, Doorframe, Point of view, Bodywork, Lattice, Outline, Sash, Regard, Respect, Structure, Stand, Window frame, Lineaments, Eye, Tournure, Gestalt, Features, Casing

How to use Framework in a sentence?

  1. Roof with flat iron frame.
  2. It is always important that your company has a good framework so that everything is well structured and articulated for everyone.
  3. Your company needs a solid structure and organization to maintain stability in your difficult times.
  4. We had a lot of brainstorming about the new business and had a lot of ideas to come up with a proposal that would serve as a new business framework.

Meaning of Framework & Framework Definition