Definition of Framework:

  1. Broad overview, outline, or skeleton of interlinked items which supports a particular approach to a specific objective, and serves as a guide that can be modified as required by adding or deleting items.

  2. An essential supporting structure of a building, vehicle, or object.

Synonyms of Framework

Frame, Substructure, Structure, Skeleton, Chassis, Shell, Body, Bodywork, Anschauung, Angle, Angle of vision, Basis, Cadre, Case, Casement, Casing, Chassis, Configuration, Contour, Delineation, Doorframe, Eye, Fabric, Features, Figuration, Figure, Footing, Frame, Frame of reference, Framing, Gestalt, Lattice, Latticework, Light, Lineaments, Lines, Main features, Mental outlook, Outline, Outlook, Picture frame, Place, Point of view, Position, Profile, Reference system, Regard, Relief, Respect, Sash, Shapes, Shell, Side, Sight, Silhouette, Situation, Skeleton, Slant, Stand, Standpoint, Structure, System, Tournure, Universe, View, Viewpoint, Window case, Window frame

How to use Framework in a sentence?

  1. A conservatory in a delicate framework of iron.
  2. It is always important that your business has a good framework so that everything is well structured and defined for all.
  3. Your business should have a good framework and organization to stabilize things when times may sometimes get rough for you.
  4. We did a ton of brainstorming for the new business and eventually we had enough ideas to create our proposal which would serve as the framework for the new company.

Meaning of Framework & Framework Definition