Definition of Fracture:

  1. Break or cause to break.

  2. The cracking or breaking of a hard object or material.

  3. The replacement of a simple vowel by a diphthong owing to the influence of a following sound, typically a consonant.

  4. Complete or incomplete breakage of a bone.

  5. Result of mechanical failure in which the material separates into two parts.

Synonyms of Fracture

Breaking, Breakage, Cracking, Cleavage, Rupture, Shattering, Fragmentation, Splintering, Splitting, Separation, Bursting, Disintegration, Abrade, Abrasion, Abysm, Abyss, Amuse, Arroyo, Bark, Beguile, Blemish, Bloody, Box canyon, Breach, Break, Break open, Break up, Breakage, Breaking, Burn, Burst, Bust, Canyon, Cavity, Chafe, Chap, Chasm, Check, Chimney, Chink, Chip, Claw, Cleavage, Cleave, Cleft, Cleuch, Clough, Col, Come apart, Come unstuck, Concussion, Convulse, Coulee, Couloir, Crack, Crackle, Cranny, Craze, Crevasse, Crevice, Cut, Cut apart, Cwm, Defile, Delight, Dell, Dike, Disintegrate, Ditch, Divert, Division, Donga, Draw, Enliven, Entertain, Excavation, Exfoliate, Exhilarate, Fall to pieces, Fault, Fissure, Flash burn, Flaw, Flume, Fracture one, Fray, Frazzle, Fret, Furrow, Gall, Gap, Gape, Gash, Give away, Give way, Gorge, Groove, Gulch, Gulf, Gully, Hole, Hurt, Incise, Incision, Injure, Injury, Joint, Kill, Kloof, Knock dead, Lacerate, Laceration, Leak, Lesion, Loosen up, Maim, Make mincemeat of, Maul, Moat, Mortal wound, Mutilate, Mutilation, Notch, Nullah, Open, Opening, Pass, Passage, Pierce, Puncture, Raise a laugh, Raise a smile, Ravine, Recreate, Refresh, Regale, Relax, Rend, Rent, Rift, Rime, Rip, Rive, Run, Rupture, Savage, Scald, Scale, Schism, Scissure, Scorch, Scotch, Scrape, Scratch, Scuff, Seam, Second-degree burn, Separate, Separation, Skin, Slash, Slay, Slice, Slit, Slot, Snap, Solace, Sore, Splinter, Split, Sprain, Spring a leak, Stab, Stab wound, Start, Stick, Strain, Tear, Third-degree burn, Tickle, Titillate, Trauma, Traumatize, Trench, Valley, Void, Wadi, Wound, Wounds immedicable, Wow, Wrench, Break, Snap, Crack, Cleave, Rupture, Shatter, Smash, Smash to smithereens, Fragment, Splinter, Split, Separate, Burst, Blow out

How to use Fracture in a sentence?

  1. Bone density testing can predict the risk for fracture.
  2. The stone has fractured.

Meaning of Fracture & Fracture Definition