Definition of Founder:

  1. Business Entrepreneurs If a lot of business people are involved in starting a business, they are called founders. The origin of the word is that its original founder means the person who forges steel in the same way that the founder of a company forges a new unit.

  2. The person who makes molten metal products owns or operates a foundry.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Founder


Origin of word Founder

Middle English (in the sense ‘knock to the ground’): from Old French fondrer, esfondrer ‘submerge, collapse’, based on Latin fundus ‘bottom, base’.

Synonyms of Founder

Plop down, Keel, Prime mover, Manufacturer, Industrialist, Be stricken, Builder, Come to grief, Journeyman, Lurch, Organizer, Turn turtle, Set, Master craftsman, Constructor, Sink down, Engenderer, Turn over, Die, Engineer, Artificer, Topple, Introducer, Suffer a misfortune, Executor, Drown, Flop, Go lame, Be lost, Sag, Be felled, Be staggered, Topple over, Go down, Raiser, Lower, Upset the boat, Father, Cave, Producer, Sire, Flump, Generator, Be clobbered, Falter, Topple down, Come to naught, Run aground, Slip, Grower, Realizer, Executrix, Smith, Slouch, Cave in, Wright, Abort, Give way, Past master, Artist, Beginner, Plop, Droop, Slump, Miscarry, Fall, Plump, Break down, Patriarch, Creator, Conceiver, Discoverer, Settle, Trip, Master, Pitchpole, Have a mishap, Decline, Submerge, Sway, Begetter, Instigator, Apprentice, Deviser, Initiator, Slump down, Framer, Inaugurator, Totter, Planner, Stumble, Come to nothing, Architect, Originator, Lapse, Inventor, Scuttle, Be destroyed, Go downhill, Overturn, Effector, Flop down, Sink like lead, Settle down, Designer, Keel over, Overset, Craftsman, Fall through, Sink, Precursor, Submerse, Fall in, Author, Somersault, Mother, Go under, Capsize, Flump down, Upset, Swag, Institutor, Shaper, Ancestors, Be poleaxed, Maker, Subside, Stagger, Progenitor, Fail, Establisher, Collapse

How to use Founder in a sentence?

  1. Small business owners often have many different roles to play in helping run a business.
  2. Founder of iron.
  3. My friend Dave is the founder of the company and has made the final and uncertain decision about where we are going.
  4. If you are really lucky enough to be the founder of a growing business, you will have to make a lot of money.

Meaning of Founder & Founder Definition