What is The Definition of Forward?

Agreements to acquire or fix a future interest based on the actual or expected value, level, performance or value of one or more basic interests (other than the future). This term does not imply or implies that cash transactions made during the period of minor settlement, purchases made in the cash market or similar transactions.

Meanings of Forward

  1. Whichever way you look or walk.

  2. Proceed to completion.

  3. Just in time for the future.

  4. Face forward, or face forward, or a direction that is sought or going.

  5. Related to or related to the future.

  6. Go or try to finish successfully.

  7. Dare or trust someone (especially) arrogant.

  8. Aggressive player in basketball, hockey or any other sport.

  9. Short term contract

  10. Send (letter or email) to another destination.

  11. Help move forward (some)

Sentences of Forward

  1. He started the engine and the car sped off.

  2. There is no way forward for the relationship

  3. Since that day, the party has been against us

  4. Flight ahead

  5. Twelve month forecast

  6. The decision is one step ahead

Synonyms of Forward

brazen, advance, facilitate, hasten, daring, prospective, future, foster, audacious, for the future, on, speed up, forwards, assuming, progressing, moving ahead, brash, onward, moving forwards, send on

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Forward means,

  • An agreement (except for one condition) to deliver or accept one or more basic shares or to settle them in cash based on the actual or expected value, quantity, production or value of the original shares. The term does not include transactions entered into under normal agreements, purchases in question or other similar transactions in the spot market.

Meanings of Forward

  1. The direction in which we look or go.

  2. Forward forward.

  3. Direction or forward or the direction in which a person sees or moves.

  4. In terms of the future.

  5. Happy graduation

  6. Brave (for someone) or very familiar.

  7. An aggressive player in football, hockey, or other sports.

  8. An agreement to exchange a specific asset, usually a currency, at a specific price on a specific future date.

  9. Send to another destination (letter or email).

  10. Help promote (something).

Sentences of Forward

  1. He started the engine and drove off.

  2. Signing the agreement is a big step.

  3. Profits are expected to reach 2 7.2 billion in the future.

  4. Fly ahead

  5. I'm not usually a forward-looking person.

  6. Scientists advance the development of biotechnology.

Synonyms of Forward

step up, aggressive, familiar, insolent, onwards, impertinent, back, forth, unabashed, ■■■■■■ post on, overconfident, overweening, pert, assist, fresh, bold, over-assertive, shameless, readdress, presumptuous, hurry along, encourage, cheeky, give backing to, aid, overfamiliar


Forward: What is the Meaning of Forward?

  • A contract (except for one condition), the delivery or receipt of one or more principal shares or cash compensation based on the actual or expected value, quantity, performance or value of those underlying shares. The term does not include transactions entered into under general agreements, purchases under discussion or other similar transactions on the spot market.

Meanings of Forward

  1. Direction or forward or the direction in which a person looks or moves.

  2. For a happy graduation.

  3. Agreement to exchange a specific asset, usually a currency, at a specified price on a specific future date.

Synonyms of Forward

brass-necked, impudent, presuming, pass on, expedite, brazen-faced, support, accelerate, thrusting, promote, contribute to, into eternity, barefaced, for ever, until now, help, irreverent, immodest, redirect, favour, ■■■■■■ progressive, advancing, forward-looking, further