Forward Priced

Forward Priced,

What is The Definition of Forward Priced?

  • Forward Priced means: When a fund is promoted, it means that after investing in the fund, the fund will get the next available value.

Literal Meanings of Forward Priced


Meanings of Forward:
  1. Aggressive players in basketball, hockey or other sports.

  2. Abbreviation for future contract

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Synonyms of Forward

future, forwards, forward-looking, forth, readdress, shameless, bold, promote, pass on, barefaced, onward, aid, for the future, brazen-faced, on, facilitate, hasten, brazen, immodest, assist


Meanings of Priced:
  1. Determine how much you need to pay (to sell something)

  2. Discover or quote (sell something).

  3. The amount that is given as an expectation, need, or payment of something.

  4. Harmful experiences or actions that perform as a condition of experience or performance to achieve a goal.

Sentences of Priced
  1. The watch costs 55 55

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  4. The price of success is fighting all day long

Synonyms of Priced

forfeiture, forfeit, fix the price of, sacrifice, assay, total, selling price, fee, result, appraise, asking price, fare, figure, assess, charge, consequence, toll, payment, evaluate, amount, rate, cost, value, penalty, levy, terms, put a price on, sum, set the price of

Forward Priced,

Definition of Forward Priced:

  1. The definition of Forward Priced is: When nd is transferred, it means that nd will receive the next available amount after depositing funds.

Literal Meanings of Forward Priced


Meanings of Forward:
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Synonyms of Forward

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Meanings of Priced:
  1. Decide on the amount you need to pay (something offered for sale).

  2. Find or price (something to sell).

Synonyms of Priced

fix/set the price of, estimate