Definition of Forum:

  1. A place, meeting or medium where you can exchange ideas and opinions on a particular topic.

  2. A public square or bazaar used for courts and other things (in ancient Roman cities).

  3. Public media (e.g. newspaper columns) or discussion venues where anyone can participate. In Roman times, this meant a public place in the middle of a bazaar or city, where legal, political, and other matters were openly discussed.

  4. Block

Synonyms of Forum

At home, Judicatory, Coliseum, Chancery, Court of justice, Bull ring, Congress, Palaestra, Curia, Conference, Scene of action, Public square, Party, Seance, Discussion, Hippodrome, Logical discussion, Ventilation, Terrain, Wrestling ring, Debating, Buzz session, Judiciary, Exchange of views, Plenum, Examination, Dialectic, Meeting, Eisteddfod, Levee, Convocation, Town meeting, Canvas, Boxing ring, Tiltyard, Agora, The Inquisition, Convocation, Gym, Piazza, Festivity, Reception, Symposium, Squared circle, Colloquium, Public meeting place, Stage, Conclave, Campo, Sphere, Assemblee, Purlieu, Gathering, Deliberation, Logical analysis, Range, Assizes, Bowl, Gathering, Committee, Symposium, Consideration, Ring, Judicature, Bear garden, Pit, Rap session, Place, Parade ground, Convention, Circus, Cockpit, Auditorium, Hall, Meet, Background, Setting, Get-together, Gymnasium, Meeting, Brawl, Debate, Assignation, Ball, Date, Diet, Athletic field, Open discussion, Campus, Concourse, Marketplace, Turnout, Study, Ground, Stadium, Marketplace, Session, Seminar, Lists, Forum, Law court, Bench, Board, Canvassing, Prize ring, Airing, Colloquy, Rap, Precinct, Open forum, Round table, Theater, Plaza, Milieu, Seminar, Mat, Dance, Housewarming, Square, Shindig, Soiree, Joint discussion, Prom, Bar, Council, Forgathering, Congregation, Sitting, Field, Public square, Rendezvous, Analysis, Panel, Colosseum, Assembly, Areopagus, Walk, Judicature, Commission, Market cross, Inquisition, Discussion group, Court of law, Course, Conference, Investigation, Panel discussion, Rialto, Congregation, Fete, Synod, Caucus, Mart, Platform, Amphitheater, Tribunal, Market, Review, Site, Rally, Treatment, Conventicle, Locale, Stage setting, Dialogue, Stage set, Arena, Convention, Conclave, Diet, Floor, Scenery, Tilting ground, Tribunal, Sit-in, Synod, Scene, Council, Rally, Quorum, Assembly, Congress

How to use Forum in a sentence?

  1. Twitter is a public forum where people from all walks of life, with all kinds of interests, can post opinions, comments, etc. And then get almost instant feedback from people who see your tweets on your timeline.
  2. It will be a forum for consumers to share their views on medical research.
  3. Therefore, no one has the absolute right to choose which jurisdiction to act as a forum for resolving disputes.
  4. When choosing a mode of open debate, politicians can meet openly to express dissenting views and positions.
  5. Richard wanted to write an angry letter to the editor, but he thought that the pages of the magazine could be the wrong forum for the common language they were trying to use.

Meaning of Forum & Forum Definition