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Fortune 100,

Definition of Fortune 100:

  1. The Fortune 100 is a list of the top 100 companies in the United States. It is a subset of the Fortune 500, a list of the 500 largest U.S. public and privately held companies published by Fortune magazine. Fortune creates the list by ranking public and private companies that report annual revenue figures to a government agency. The ranking is based on total revenues for the company's corresponding fiscal year.

  2. Fortune first published its first Fortune 500 in 1955. Since that year, the publisher has published an annual list of the top-500 revenue-producing companies.

  3. A list similar to the Fortune 500 but including a supplementary list of the next 500 largest companies.

  4. An annual ranking by Fortune magazine of the 100 largest US public and privately-held companies, listed according to market capitalization or enterprise value.

How to use Fortune 100 in a sentence?

  1. The Fortune 100 consists of the top companies in the larger annual Fortune 500 list.
  2. The Fortune 500 has been around since 1955 and ranks companies by reported revenues for their fiscal year.
  3. The Fortune 500 changed in 1994 to include a wider range of company types from different sectors.

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